Saturday, March 28, 2009

Entre l’amour et la haine

Et on a le culot de se demander pourquoi !
Pire encore. Croire en une cause commune et une certaine réciprocité que nos aïeuls ont professé sans conviction.
Tant bien que mal cet héritage de tolérance et d’amour envers son prochain n’a jamais était partagé par ceux qui aujourd’hui prétendent être (tout en détenant le pouvoir par la force des armes) la partie démunis du peuple.
Mais je ne me demande plus pourquoi !
Je ne me demande plus pourquoi, car des mon jeune âge la haine et la politique m'étaient bannies ; bien au contraire, les programmes télévisés que nos parents jugeaient inappropriés étaient quasiment interdits. Mais bon, ce n’est pas le cas chez tout le monde.
Et puis on se demande pourquoi !
Pourquoi il y’a tant de haine et si peu d’amour.
A comparer, je ne peux plus avoir tant d’amour envers ceux qui on tant de haine.

Mon éducation.

Et la leur

Et on se damande toujours pourquoi !

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Blessed I am

Blessed I am for I still enjoy the love of those who are dear to me. Those people who have put up with my mood swings, my very short and bad temper over the years; reminded me today how blessed I was.
below is the testimony of the one that counts the most.

Just in case you ask why he counts the most, here is one of many reasons.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Confessions of an ex-Aounist

Lately I have been unable to freely write, and with rigor, about my visions and aspirations with regards to MY Lebanon. Disillusioned by M14 and their lack of balls; my hatred (as a Lebanese and as a Christian) towards Micho grew stronger ( I wonder why).

I still remember "Beit al cha3b" and promises made; even "la France notre mere patrie" was moved by the words and promises of what turned out to be nothing but a demented general.

More death and destruction followed, and when push came to shove; a pajama wearing general fled, leaving ALL his men behind.
theliberator Lebanese passports were given to French dignitaries and citizens in what they thought was a sign of solidarity with the plight of the Lebanese against Syrian savagery; only to find later on that they were illegal.

I wonder if any of those 1500 applicants (or the few who actually were given the travel documents) bothered to apply for the red passport which came in vigor after Micho was ousted. And if they did, can they vote in the upcoming elections? Years have passed since, and I tried to forget. I've laid down my gun before you sat on that cursed chair in Baabda and went to self exile; but I kept my sharp tongue.

A tongue I used in exile to promote your cause in the hope of a dignified return; but you have robbed me of my hope. Then again one can say "no big deal" for I have lived years of struggle and strife and come out relatively intact (the emphasis on relatively). The days of a lesser evil have long been gone, and are now utterly unacceptable. The return of Lebanon's prodigal son turned out to be (especially to Christian Lebanese) the coming of the false messiah. manifestation-orange3 Your MOU with Hizbullah did more damage than the Taef accord which you bark constantly about, claiming to be the protector of all of Christianity within the Middle East. No thank you, your so called vision not only stands against INDEPENDENCE, SOVEREIGNTY AND TERRITORIAL INTEGRITY (which may I remind you was YOUR slogan), but against the very essence of what once was a glorious and Biblical land; an oasis amongst arid land filled with bigotry and hatred. History will one day depict all of your shortcomings for generations to come. And me in my grave, I will be rolling over with laughter !

Monday, March 09, 2009

© Citoyen aoungoissé

Copy of an e-mail I received today

Le principal clivage libanais semble être aujourd'hui celui qui sépare les aounophobes des aounolâtres.
Finnies les vieilles querelles entre arabistes et phénicianistes, entre huitmarsistes et quatorzemarsistes, entre Bushistes et Basharistes.....
Toutes ces lignes de fracture sont aountédiluviennes.
Aujourd'hui, pas moyen de finir un dîner sans qu'aounophobes et aounolâtres n'en viennent à s'aounengueuler. Ce qui pourrit la soirée des rares aouneutres et des nombreux aounenarienafoutre, qui ne peuvent plus s'aountendre parler. yaounamarre !
Les querelles sont d'autant plus vives que les aounophobes les plus aounragés sont souvent d'aounciens aounolâtres qui ne se remettent pas de l'aounterrement de leurs idéaux d'aountan.
Les aounolâtres ne sont pas tous aountipathiques. Beaucoup sont aounnêtes et aountègres. Aountièrement dévoués à l'aounterêt superieur du Libaoun. Ils ne sont toutefois pas aoundignés lorsque le général aountonne ses aountiennes aounticonstitutionnelles. Les aounolâtres sont complètement aounvoûtés et religieusement convaincus de l'infaillibilité paountificale. De vrais aounconditiuonnels !


Les aounophobes sont parallèlement tous des psychaounalystes. Leur diagnaounstic est sans appel : l'aountéchrist souffre de mégalomaounie, d'aounarcissisme, de paraounoïa et de shizophraounie. Les aounophobes préconisent un aounternement immédiat du général et sa mise sous aounxiolytiques pour éviter de nouvelles guerres d'aounnihilations.
Aounophobes et aounolâtres ont fréquemment en commun d'être sous aountidépresseurs du fait de l'aounkylose aouncestrale de leur pays, haounté par des voisins aouncombrants.
Mieux vaut aoun rire que de s'aountre-tuer.

Citoyen aoungoissé
Préférant rester aounonyme

Come what may in the upcoming elections (and this is not in reference to May the 7th) the excuse of "Oh shit I was drunk on Oranjeboom" does not hold water (or barley), they might as well claim that "Black Leb" still rules !

Maybe years of "I love life" were interpreted the wrong way. Soon we will find out.

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

A butcher’s knife

In reply to my friend’s request, and with regards to the “butcher’s knife” comment I have posted on his page; I will recall a sad chapter which will never be written in our history books (nor will it be taught to our children in our schools).
In order to make this story seem more plausible to the foreign (non Lebanese) eye, one has to understand the animosity that is ingrained not only amongst Lebanese, but within those who were envious of such prosperity.


Another consideration is that when the war first broke out, the means to fight were somewhat archaic and not widely available. The power (fighting power that is) balance was far from equal; on one hand we had “so called refugee’s” armed to the teeth (thanks to the Cairo treaty), and on the other side a bunch of what some might call a bunch of fascists armed men with (mainly) hunting weapons .This was the case in the VERY early stages. Soon enough a wide array of combat arms was flooding the streets of the capital. Demarcation lines were (artificially) drawn, and the capital was split in two. Each warring faction started building its arsenal, spreading terror and committing heinous crimes against not only its fellow man, but also against it fellow citizen.
And now I come to my story about my first encounter with the “butcher’s knife”; trust me it will not take long.
On one faithful journey in the seventies trying to cross towards what was then labeled as the west side of Beirut, and on the crossing between Chiyah and Ain El Roumaneh was a check point for “fatah” (a Palestinian faction). We stopped two cars shy of oblivion, for the three passengers in the car that was stopped at the check point, were all taken out, and had their throats cut from ear to ear on the side of the road (with a butcher’s knife). Luck was on our side, for the check point was dismantled and we went our way.
Those people who used such a primitive way had within their arsenal SAM6 missiles, but they chose the most painful and degrading way to kill a person who’s only sin was to have “Christian” written on their ID card.
This is nothing but one story amongst many. I have entered Tal Al Zaatar after it fell and caught a glimpse of the horrors that were planned against my people, yes MY people. Granted I knew a guy in my Christian neighborhood that had above his bed rest human parts in pickle jars, but those parts were not of Lebanese, but of those who tried to take over.