Tuesday, December 02, 2008


In view of the many problems I have been facing accessing "blogger", and my lack of technical know how (in order to avoid conspiracy theories), I have moved my pages to wordpress which so far I can access freely.
To those of you still willing to share my ramblings, enclosed are the links.




Until I find a solution to whatever it is that is forbidding my access to blogger, and in order to keep on rambling; I seek your indulgence and ask you to follow the links above.

Thanking you in advance for your understsanding.

Beyond comprehension

For the past couple of weeks I have had great difficulty accessing any page hosted by “blogger.com”, especially mine. I have tried with no avail to comprehend why, but came up with nothing. I never claimed to be technically inclined, far from it; still I am in the dark as to why when all the pages I read daily (including mine) are accessible from any other computer but my own.
After having formatted the two PC’s I use (in fear of some unknown virus) and having checked with my ISP provider and came out blank, I have come to the conclusion (maybe wrongfully) that some higher power decided that it would be better if I was denied such a privilege.
I was even advised to use software to mask my IP address and randomly change it via relays or something that is way beyond my comprehension and limited brain, with no success. One alternative I thought I had was to import my three “blogger”s pages onto “wordpress”, even then I hit a brick wall. After many attempts I was left with a “wordpress” page clutter with ramblings from all three “blogger” pages.
So if any of you (few) readers I have, can suggest a course of action to take in order to resolve such a problem; your feedback is welcome.
N.B: This post took over 4 hours to publish.
Thanking you in advance,
A very frustrated Marllionlb.