Saturday, January 26, 2008

Take wisdom from the elderly !

Ruffled feathers or Technical glitch?

It seems like I have ruffled a few feathers which caused some of my comments to be deleted, or maybe it is just a technical glitch (since menus keep on appearing in German or Russian on my home PC and I still don’t know why).

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Your opinion is welcome

Everybody lately has been busy trying to analyze the AL (vain) attempt to end our political crisis, and some even took on the plight of the Palestinian people in Gaza…etc. A very few dealt with the demonstrations that took place in the pat 48 hours; and if they did skimmed through it.

Am I the only who is totally baffled and amazed that for once the Lebanese army actually took a stand and re-opened streets that were blocked by tire burning and stone throwing?

Am I the only one who was surprised (but not convinced) by Michel Suleiman speech that the army will protect public property (in certain areas only)?

What about Hassan’s speech and claim (and I do not doubt his truthfulness) that he has in his possession body parts of Israeli soldiers? Is he trying to exchange them against the freedom of Samir Kuntar (since there is not enough Lebanese is Israeli jails to bargain with)?

Today on TV a spokesman for our dear divine Hizb had the guts to say that if there was any negotiations (about peace) to be made (and not about “tabadoul al ousara) with Israel, the only one entitled to do so is the Hizb and no one else?

What does all that mean to you my fellow Lebanese, and especially my not so dear Orange followers?

Is Hizbollah finally claiming that Lebanon is theirs and theirs only? That they are the masters of my destiny?

That they, and only they hold the decision of war and peace?

It sure looks like it to me., or at least those were the word of Hussein Hajj Hassan.

Hizbollah has not shifted one inch from its original manifesto; and “dawlat al fakih”was and still is their only objective.


Sit idle and wait for M14 to screw it up again, or wait for Batrak Sfeir to (in his infinite wisdom) get SHAFTED along with what remains of Lebanese Christians?

Your opinion is welcome!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Remebering Hizbollah; for those of you who chose to forget!

Hezbollah declared its existence on February 16, 1985 in "The Hizbollah Program".

This program was launched by Sheikh Ibrahim Al-Amin at the Ouzai mosque.
It stated (and I quote) " We are the sons of the Ummah - the Party Of God (Hizb Allah) The vanguard of which was made victorious by God in IRAN. There the vanguard succeeded to lay down the bases of a Muslim state which plays a central role in the world. We obey the orders of one leader, wise and just, that of our tutor and faqih who fulfills all the necessary conditions: Ruhollah Musawi Khomeini..."
The main objectives of the Hezb (according to their original manifesto) was:
1) To expel the Americans, French and their allies definitely from Lebanon putting an end to any colonialist entity on our land.
2) To submit the "Phalanges" (Kataeb) to a just power and bring them all to justice for the crimes they have perpetrated against Muslims and Christians.
3) To permit all the sons of our people to determine their future and to choose in all the liberty the form of government they desire. We call upon all of them to pick the option of Islamic government which, alone, is capable of guaranteeing justice and liberty for all. Only an Islamic regime can stop any further tentative attempts of imperialistic infiltration into our country.

In the manifesto the Hezb goes on saying that their friends are the oppressed people, those who combat their enemy, who have the same objective of destroying American hegemony, the Israeli occupation and "beating back all the Phalangist attempts to monopolize power and administration" (and yet Hassan claims that he never targeted the Lebanese. Maybe the Phalangist party and Sheikh Bashir were aliens from Mars; what do I know).
The manifesto goes on talking about the politics followed by the chiefs of political "Maronism" through the "Lebanese Front" and the "Lebanese Forces" which cannot guarantee peace and tranquility for the Christians of Lebanon, whereas it is predicated upon "3asabiyya", on confessional privileges and on the alliance with colonialism.

Their manifesto goes on by stating that the Christians should answer the appeal from heaven (their own of course, since Hassan is the divine one) and have recourse to reason. "We call upon you to embrace Islam, you'll find salvation and happiness upon earth and in the hereafter".

Granted the manifesto calls upon the Christians to lay down their arms and share government within an Islamic state.

The manifesto also rejects the USSR, US and the UNIFIL "as they were sent by world arrogance to occupy areas evacuated by Israel and serve for the latter as a buffer zone. They should be treated much like the Zionists".

As for the destruction of Israel the Hezb has since its institution claimed it as a goal.

There is more to this manifesto in view of education, health, just state, abolishing sectarianism, decentralization, women's rights...etc. All talk.

The hezb talks in his manifesto of a perfect (Islamic) society where the rule of law prevails and equality is the dish of the day (only for Muslims). If such is the case, I say to the Hezb:
1)Lebanon can never survive as separate entity from the rest of the world (and Iran is not the rest of the world).
2)Imposing your "divine" doctrine is no way of sharing power.
3)Pay your electrical bill.
4)Not one single country, nation or people can be exterminated.
5)The Phalangists ARE LEBANESE, and the Christians are here to stay as CHRISTIANS!
6)You do not have the monopoly on righteousness.
7)Jesus set foot in this Biblical land way before the Prophet Mohamed did (and never forget that).
8)Never, ever claim that you don't have enemies within (I am one, although not a phalangist activist nor from the Gemayel family).
9)Martyrdom is a concept we " True Lebanese" endured proudly way before the institution of your Hezb.
10)The south is mine, before it was ever yours; just like any centimeter of MY country's 10452 km2
11)At least I did not change the face of my country from one side of Beirut to the other (unallowed and unholy advertising billboards for example).
12)Before the war and your evil creation, if any Lebanese will cross the ring he would not feel the need to apply for an Iranian visa.

Ya Hezb do you really want me to go on?

Granted I cannot put all the blame on you. I blame this complacent government of ours (and those past) for not having revoked your license and allowed you to create your state within a state (just like your arch enemy the LF did during the war).
No you do not represent the Shia in Lebanon; you only represent those "oppressed" (and I doubt even that, a better word would be the less educated) who saw in you in a time of need the protector of the poor and the abused and the provider (with Iranian money). Well you are now the abuser.
Get back on your horse ya Hassan (or camel) and go chase windmills in Iran.

N.B: Hizbollah's track record (part of) as documented