Tuesday, February 27, 2007

That cursed presidential seat.

Emile (the father that is) in all his tanned splendor went on TV (Algerian that is) and declared (between two idiotic smiles) that he was here to stay (forever and ever).
Oh lucky us!
I still wonder why our dear patriarch stopped the march onto Baabda; I sure hope that he now regrets this sad decision.

Why is it that the strongest symbol of Syrian hegemony is still allowed to bark loudly pushing us (Lebanese that is) further into the abyss?

Why is it that WE the people still wait for certain (mainly sold out) leaders to give the order to march onto Baabda ,formerly known as “Beit Al Sha3b” (home to the other army general turned mad) and demand the impeachment of such a despot?

Here is some food for thoughts (and humor me if you may) to all of you out there who belong to what is now known as the silent majority:

· Organize a specific day and e-mail our dear president a simple letter that says “Dear Mr. President kindly get off your seat”(feel free to add “go swimming wearing your Speedo”).
· Put bumper stickers on your cars that read “Swim off”.
· Place posters (preferably at night when no one is watching) in front of all governmental institutions (over and over again, because they will be removed) stating “Mr. President, you no longer represent us”.
· Make leaflets in the simplest and less costly way demanding Lahoud’s resignation and distribute them on every street corner.
· Write to all the media and demand that your voice be heard.
· Finally organize yourself and march onto Baabda, even erect tents if need be (ask our friends down town for technical advice and know how).

Suggestions are welcome!