Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Weep silently.

I weep silently, just like a hungry new born who has it in him not make his selfish mother feel guilty for not feeding him.

I weep silently, just like a toddler who fell down the stairs and his silent cries were ignored.

I weep silently, just like a teenager who had his heart crushed for the very first time and no one noticed your pain.

I weep silently, just like the first time you left your parental cocoon and felt lonely.

I weep silently, just like when you finally realize that “for better or for worst” is not a lifetime warranty.

I weep silently, just like when you see the one person you love the most on his death bed, and you are the only one present.

But shed rivers of tears my Lebanese son; for soon you will find yourself without the 10452km2 your ancestors shed their blood in order to call this land a permanent home.

When push comes to shove you will have to decide, either to put your life at risk for the “cause” , or to convince yourself (like I did) that now is not the right time; use your trump card (your other inherited citizenship)and take the easy way out.

In both cases, I can assure you my son that you will shed oceans of tears; and this is the curse of being born Lebanese.

N.B: You know where my stash of weapons is.

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Al ma7abis youridoun al 3afou al 3am !

The entire Middle East is witnessing popular revolts against despots, regimes and long standing oppression; and we Lebanese (the chosen people amongst our Arab neighbours) are witnessing a new kind of revolution.
In keeping with the (misplaced) idea of being “avangardistes”, and having missed the train of true rebellion against the regime; we Lebanese have concocted a new “righteous cause”, in order to regain the FIRST ranking amongst our neighbouring “sheeple”.
The best ,and the only available alternative is that of the prisoner’s conditions within our ill managed Lebanese state (or currently, lack of). Yes the local penal system is flawed, and has been since our so called independence; but does this FACT justify the latest popular upsurge in the call of descent against “the machine” (and yes this is a direct reference to Pink Floyd)?
No matter how harsh an inhumane the conditions are within our local prison system; this should have been a buffer against crime, even petty crime; but I guess we in Lebanon have a different notion of what is right and what is wrong.
Yes you have the right to demonstrate “peacefully” for better conditions within our jails for your relatives and loved ones; but you also have to admit, with SHAME that they have done wrong, and dues have to be paid. Screaming, burning tires, blocking road, justifying dealing drugs for the lack of job opportunities, murder...etc; whilst your next of kin (“guests” at the hotel Roumieh) have the liberty to communicate with the media via cell phones, slashing their bodies (or other prisoner’s) with blade knives whilst setting fuel tanks on fire endangering other people’s lives is a clear signal that the 3afou 3am is something that the government (if only we had one), should not even consider.
Many had the audacity to voice their opinion, claiming that the crimes perpetrated by those they represent were because of lack of opportunities; and those very same “leaches on society” were arrogant enough to claim that drug dealing (even rape) is not like murder. WLEK TFEH ! And still some listen and promise better conditions once the necessary monies are passed through parliament. Don’t we have more pressing issues like 24h electricity, water, social security, retirement fund ....etc towards those “law abiding” citizens; before we start thinking of the rehabilitation of those who are a burden on the already depleted government coffers?
I just wish that the next time I pass by Roumieh (and it might be tomorrow), and a stone is thrown at my car I could brandish my gun and shoot at those so called mothers who are foreign to “the rule of law”, and not only to maim the lot of them, but piss on their bleeding bodies. Let them go and witness firsthand how our neighbouring countries deal with their own (and ours, SYRIA) prisoners and I dare them to demonstrate there.
I say: “Let them burn, along with Roumieh”, one of the bastion of a failed state.