Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Your opinion is welcome

Everybody lately has been busy trying to analyze the AL (vain) attempt to end our political crisis, and some even took on the plight of the Palestinian people in Gaza…etc. A very few dealt with the demonstrations that took place in the pat 48 hours; and if they did skimmed through it.

Am I the only who is totally baffled and amazed that for once the Lebanese army actually took a stand and re-opened streets that were blocked by tire burning and stone throwing?

Am I the only one who was surprised (but not convinced) by Michel Suleiman speech that the army will protect public property (in certain areas only)?

What about Hassan’s speech and claim (and I do not doubt his truthfulness) that he has in his possession body parts of Israeli soldiers? Is he trying to exchange them against the freedom of Samir Kuntar (since there is not enough Lebanese is Israeli jails to bargain with)?

Today on TV a spokesman for our dear divine Hizb had the guts to say that if there was any negotiations (about peace) to be made (and not about “tabadoul al ousara) with Israel, the only one entitled to do so is the Hizb and no one else?

What does all that mean to you my fellow Lebanese, and especially my not so dear Orange followers?

Is Hizbollah finally claiming that Lebanon is theirs and theirs only? That they are the masters of my destiny?

That they, and only they hold the decision of war and peace?

It sure looks like it to me., or at least those were the word of Hussein Hajj Hassan.

Hizbollah has not shifted one inch from its original manifesto; and “dawlat al fakih”was and still is their only objective.


Sit idle and wait for M14 to screw it up again, or wait for Batrak Sfeir to (in his infinite wisdom) get SHAFTED along with what remains of Lebanese Christians?

Your opinion is welcome!

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