Tuesday, December 02, 2008


In view of the many problems I have been facing accessing "blogger", and my lack of technical know how (in order to avoid conspiracy theories), I have moved my pages to wordpress which so far I can access freely.
To those of you still willing to share my ramblings, enclosed are the links.




Until I find a solution to whatever it is that is forbidding my access to blogger, and in order to keep on rambling; I seek your indulgence and ask you to follow the links above.

Thanking you in advance for your understsanding.


Ekios said...

Noted, and updated.

frenchy said...

tu peux aussi ouvrir un blog sur lib ;)

on se protège très bien des emmerdeurs surtout qu'on en a eu qq un dernièrement sur les blogs les plus fréquentés. Ils ont rapidement été définitivement bannis et leur vrai Ip (qui était en tunisie) démasqué et bloqué