Friday, January 02, 2009

Hey there Nasrallah (don't go there again).

In view of the current situation and the local political speeches; I do not want to relate to the enclosed video again. Although the newer version might differ a bit (and I do hope that it will no see the day) I still shiver at the thought that some demented half witted fanatic might drag us (once again) into ye another "divine" battle.

Yes I am for right of EVERY child to live his childhood and formative years away from struggle and strife. The right to live in a secure environment, and be given a PROPER education. To have the basic necessities of food and shelter, without having to beg for them. No one has the right to raise an entire generation in the spirit of war and false dogma. NO one has the right to look upon an entire generation as foot soldiers. No one has the right to dispense with the blood of the young for political gains. No one has the right to put a rifle or even a stone in a hand of a child.


Instead of being protectors of our children, we have become the butchers; and in the name of what? Resistance, pride, honour, freedom, patriotism...etc. All foreign notions to the entire Arab “umma”.


Ya 3arab, your policies of hatred and division have put your very existence in peril throughout your cursed history. Fanaticism is spreading and tolerance is wearing thin and your children are paying the price. Reach deep within your souls for you might unite and might find ANOTHER more effective and PEACEFUL way to live free and away of hatred.


You can call me by any demeaning name you might see fit; from Zionist to Hitler I do not care. I believe in mankind and the INNOCENCE of children. But I do believe in the highest crime of all, that of indoctrinating young minds.

This above video is not only intended to the IDF, but to all those who raise their kids in HATRED be it in Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Pakistan...etc. KHALAS !!! just let our children play in peace !


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