Thursday, January 29, 2009

In the name of Palestine

If some of you still wonder why I was not able to shed any tear while watching the news early this year; here is a glimpse of some of the reasons why. From the PLO, Fatah, Al Saika, ..etc, all the way to Hamas, even omitting what took place outside my comfort zone (Achille Lauro, Brussels, Athens...etc)

This is where it began

This is when "sisterly" relations became incestuous

And these are a few samples why I lost all tolerance and hope.

Yes I know from the start what many of you will say, and once again I do not give a flying fuck (not to be mistaken by a kassam or a katyusha rocket); but I have raised my son differently.
To those child murderers (who wont understand, or seek to understand) I leave you with the following (and may you rot in hell).


Anonymous said...

I rearly like your website-For A Better Lebanon.I think your work is brilliant.I hope you will continue to write more stories.I am just curious,why do you call yourselfe Marillion? Is it after the 1980s pop group?I am 42 and so I have the old 1980s CDs Marillion was one of my favorite pop groups too.I suppose you too are a fan,the music then was much better than now and here in Lebanon,where I live,there is not much good music or tv around at the moment is there.But I like your website very much and I want to read more stories you publish this year.Keep up the Good work.Fatima,Beirut,Lebanon.

Anonymous said...

with all due respect, but didn't the whole mess actually begin a year earlier (April 1975) in Ain El Remmaneh?

Marillionlb said...

Thank you for your words of encouragement. Yes I was and still am a fan of Marillion especially when Phish was singing withthem. I also have a jester tatooed on me. Age wise you and I are not that far apart.

Marillionlb said...

The whole mess if you want started with the incident at the church when an attempt on Pierre Gemayel Senior failed. Yess massacres took place from both sides I do not dispute that, but they were so called refugees. "Do not bite the hand that feeds you" the proverb says, well they did more than bite the hand, they even cut throughts.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post - It is about time people start realizing the reality of it all......

Marillionlb said...

Welcome !

Ekios said...

Well well well look what I found here ... finally everything is happening on this blog and not anymore on the wordpress part.

Do you smell it Marillionlb ?? This is my anger get out of my ears like dark smoke !!

Ça va chier !!

PS :p