Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Beyond comprehension

For the past couple of weeks I have had great difficulty accessing any page hosted by “blogger.com”, especially mine. I have tried with no avail to comprehend why, but came up with nothing. I never claimed to be technically inclined, far from it; still I am in the dark as to why when all the pages I read daily (including mine) are accessible from any other computer but my own.
After having formatted the two PC’s I use (in fear of some unknown virus) and having checked with my ISP provider and came out blank, I have come to the conclusion (maybe wrongfully) that some higher power decided that it would be better if I was denied such a privilege.
I was even advised to use software to mask my IP address and randomly change it via relays or something that is way beyond my comprehension and limited brain, with no success. One alternative I thought I had was to import my three “blogger”s pages onto “wordpress”, even then I hit a brick wall. After many attempts I was left with a “wordpress” page clutter with ramblings from all three “blogger” pages.
So if any of you (few) readers I have, can suggest a course of action to take in order to resolve such a problem; your feedback is welcome.
N.B: This post took over 4 hours to publish.
Thanking you in advance,
A very frustrated Marllionlb.


Ekios said...

Mmh well, as we spoke about that on the phone, it may be a gov limitation for some dark reasons ...

Anyway, if it's still the case when i'll be in the place, you tell me and I'll see what I can do about that ... i'm not bad in this things ;)

PS : my blog is easy to access from your point ?

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear that you have difficulty accessing your own website online.And Im sprised because I myselfe have a blog on blogspot.com and I find it very easy to used and it always publishes my posts.I had the same problems when I used to host my work on spaces on MSN,I found I would write my blog posts and it would not save or publish my posts .Imagine all the work you wrote and not being able to publish or even save it,also I could not upload images from the web and I did not like the layout options I was given.Needless to say I am now with blogspot.com and very happy and it is prsenting my blog giving it a very proffesional look,like a profesional website.It could be perhaps there is a fault with your home computer or a poor internet connection.Have you tried using a different computer or trying on one of the computers at your local internet cafe perhaps.I do not currantly have a computer in my home and rely on internet cafes in which I spend time working on my blog,the advantage is they have so many computers there connections are kept up to date.It could be that because of all the telephone connection problems in Lebanon that there could be a poor connection to the internet if you have used other computers but have not been able to acces blogspot.com or other sites.When I last was in Lebanon I found this to be the prblem and even though I am at present in London England,I have problems getting through to my family in Lebanon and often I cannot get through on the phone or access Lebanon sites.It is worth getting you pc looked at as there could be a fault with it or you server or you could have a slow internet connection or in some areas of Lebanon the internet,telephone connections are poor.I hope you can resolve your problem.Maryem,Beirut,Lebanon.

Marillionlb said...

Thank you meryem for the advise,
I am able to open any other page from home on the two Pc's I have, but nothing related to blogspot. Even from the office (which I am right now) I have had at times some difficulties.
It will eventually get resolved.

@Ekios, yours opens easely !

Anonymous said...

I am very sad to read that you cannot get the website blogspot.com on your pc and as a result cannot acsees your blog or write your blog posts.I hope you resolve this problem,meanwhile I just want to say you probably did the right thing transfering to a different domain wordpress.com one tp though,I change my web address recently and I find it can set you back.As it means it can take a long time for search engines like GOOGLE and YAHOO to index your website.So I recomend you should use the companys and there are a number who will submit you url to all search engines free of charge,its helped me a lot as a lot of people will not search on internet exploorer and will go to Google to search.So it helps to get your new address on to Google,MSN and YAHoo if you can.I also wrote about my site on GOOGLE NOTEBOOK and I think this helped as 2 weeks after they indexed my site.But one thing dont uses search engin submission companys that charge you money I did I pais 25 Dollers to a company that claimed they would submit my url to 300 msearch engind worldwide and they did not do anything and I never heard from them again,So if you used the website submission companys that submit your site only use the ones who will do it for free. that way you cannot loose ok.I hope you will have many readers find and enjoy your site at your new wordpress address and it is an exellant sit.Anna,NEW YORK U.S.A United States.

Marillionlb said...

@ Anna,

Thank you for your advise and readership. I will take your suggestions into consideration and work with your advise (as best as I know how being technically handicaped!).
I also have a domain name and web hosting that I do not know how to set up (that might be my next step if ever I find the time)
In the hope that you will keep on reading (on wordpress for the time being) and share your views.
I have very fond memories of New York and the St Regis in particular where I use to stay on my trips)so I send to you (as a New Yorker) my special regards.
Once again thank you.