Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Confessions of an ex-Aounist

Lately I have been unable to freely write, and with rigor, about my visions and aspirations with regards to MY Lebanon. Disillusioned by M14 and their lack of balls; my hatred (as a Lebanese and as a Christian) towards Micho grew stronger ( I wonder why).

I still remember "Beit al cha3b" and promises made; even "la France notre mere patrie" was moved by the words and promises of what turned out to be nothing but a demented general.

More death and destruction followed, and when push came to shove; a pajama wearing general fled, leaving ALL his men behind.
theliberator Lebanese passports were given to French dignitaries and citizens in what they thought was a sign of solidarity with the plight of the Lebanese against Syrian savagery; only to find later on that they were illegal.

I wonder if any of those 1500 applicants (or the few who actually were given the travel documents) bothered to apply for the red passport which came in vigor after Micho was ousted. And if they did, can they vote in the upcoming elections? Years have passed since, and I tried to forget. I've laid down my gun before you sat on that cursed chair in Baabda and went to self exile; but I kept my sharp tongue.

A tongue I used in exile to promote your cause in the hope of a dignified return; but you have robbed me of my hope. Then again one can say "no big deal" for I have lived years of struggle and strife and come out relatively intact (the emphasis on relatively). The days of a lesser evil have long been gone, and are now utterly unacceptable. The return of Lebanon's prodigal son turned out to be (especially to Christian Lebanese) the coming of the false messiah. manifestation-orange3 Your MOU with Hizbullah did more damage than the Taef accord which you bark constantly about, claiming to be the protector of all of Christianity within the Middle East. No thank you, your so called vision not only stands against INDEPENDENCE, SOVEREIGNTY AND TERRITORIAL INTEGRITY (which may I remind you was YOUR slogan), but against the very essence of what once was a glorious and Biblical land; an oasis amongst arid land filled with bigotry and hatred. History will one day depict all of your shortcomings for generations to come. And me in my grave, I will be rolling over with laughter !

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