Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Only in LIBANONE bart 2







Anonymous said...

I find your site very interesting and very proffessional layout.I have noticed that you have the same blog as this one hosted on Wordpress Why is this? I too have a blog,but I find the settings on much too difficult and complicated for someone like me,who is not an expert at computers,so I closed my account there. But anyway I like your website very much so keep up the good work.Anna,London,England.

Marillionlb said...

Thank you for the visit and the words. I had to migrate to Wordpress mainly because of problems uploading new text on my page on Blogger. for over a month I was denied access to my page and those I read regularly on Blogger. Once this problem resolved I hade to keep both pages in order to keep the few readers I have.
I lived in England for 16 years and still miss it a lot.
Feel free to comment anytime.

bathmate said...

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