Monday, October 27, 2008

The day of reckoning is at hand!

A self inflicted slumber caused by great disgust and desperation, I had to seek shelter in music in order to appease my anger. I have become one with those I have long criticized and labeled LEBANESE (the silent majority); for I became silent for a while.
Granted the booby trapped cars have stopped (for now), we have a president (who turned out to be a jet setter), Geagea made his peace with those he inflicted pain upon and redeemed himself (as a new found Christian), the demented general visited Iran as an ambassador of true Christian tolerance (so his followers truly believe), goatee Saad met with the incarnation of evil and shook hands (forgetting about May 7th), our government rejoiced to the idea of the long awaited opening of the Syrian embassy on our SOVEREIGN land (still no word as to those rotting in Syrian jails), Riad Salame telling us that all is well in Lebanon (with regards to the world economical crisis, and many believed), ...etc.
Mea culpa, for once again I have indulged in self pity and the notion that “one hand alone cannot clap”.
Never too late they say, and I agree; for one hand alone can clap when slapped against one’s cheek. And this is my rude awakening.
To this silent majority I adhered to I say: “wake up from your coma; once again you have picked the short straw”. If ever you believed in the Cedar Revolution now is the time to rebel against those who are selling you and your country for electoral gains. Hold all 14th of March representatives accountable for their failed promises and the concessions they willingly gave to those whose vision is in contradiction of a free Lebanon (March 8).
Tattle tales you have been fed in the local news of reconciliations and better days to come; do you still believe in those false promises? Did any of you ask why :
*Sarko’s head is shoved up so far up Bashar’s arse?
*Syria is so keen on establishing its embassy before the local elections?
*Aoun visited Iran?
*Iran offered to help re-arm the Lebanese army?
*14th of March leaders haven’t met for a while a came up with a common press release?
*The electoral law fell short of ALL expectations?
*Belmar is taking his time?
*Syria is suddenly anxious to have a grip on border security?
I am a simple man with simple aspirations, but I cannot help but fear the worst; for I have lived deceit and paid dearly.
Fucked we are, and always will be; for as long as we sit idle and watch. We are not deserving people; this holy land of ours was entrusted into our care, and we have failed. The day of reckoning is at hand!


Lalebanessa said...

You sound even more depressed than I am.

Ekios said...

But of course, we don't have to worry, everything is fine in lebanon, my sister in law say.

Marillionlb said...

@ Lebanessa,
Nothing to be hopeful or joyful about I am afraid.

@ Ekios,
Ta belle soeur est comme la plupart des Libanais, c'est une autruche (avec tout mon respect that is).

Ekios said...

Autruche is far from what I think about her attitud don't worry.

If I were in religion, I will pray every day that nothing happend to nobody of their family, because my reaction will be really really bad.

VOR said...

Lebanese will always endure in their own country until they wake up and take matters in their own hand as they did back in 2005! This time around though, throw the bums out and start with a new and educated political class. It can be done, but courage and conviction is lacking! I agree marillon, history is bound to repeat itself in this land. I concur with you. TFEH!!!!

mc said...

Belmare is taking his time?

et comment

de plus :
12h15 GMT Liban : démission du juge Ralph Riachi, membre du Conseil supérieur de la magistrature

chou yaané?

frenchy said...

ca veut dire que le seul juge réellement compétent au haut conseil judiciaire a démissionné ...