Wednesday, September 09, 2009

The winds of change.

Chavez and Ahmadi Najad are in cahoots even with regards to exchanging nuclear technology know how.

Russian vessel (Arctic Sea) kidnapped, allegedly carrying weapons to Iran. Talk about the Mossad being involved, and a secret visit by Israeli high officials to Russia in order to contain the story.

Turkey FM cancels visit to Israel.

Iraq blames Syria for Iraq terror.

4000 new settlements given the go ahead to be built in Israel/the occupied territory.

And in my country the only talk on the news is about how constitutional the new cabinet proposal was.

Fuck me gently for I worry about those changes and I ask. Since when:

Was the constitution ever respected.

Was, any past present and even future government truly representative of the will and aspiration of the people.

Was Lebanon a master of its own destiny.

Democracy gives way to those who lost elections, and still DEMAND the lion's share.

When the people sit idle (for it is the tourist season) and accept a 70 day stalemate.

Ya Elias, where are the Migs that you so proudly procured as a gift from the Russians? If I recall correctly we were supposed to have them by no later than August (I guess the Syrians will get theirs first). No you are not the only one who fell short of your (public) promises, and you are not the only one who let down those million + who took the streets in 2005. Goatee Saad has stepped over his Christian allies in his government proposal. Walid Beik has lost his credibility amongst many of his partners and Druze followers. Aoun has dug himself deeper into the grave of shame (thanks to Gebran Imbecile). And my fellow Lebanese lost the most.

An election took place, and results were cast. An election took place under the flag of a democracy that is second to none in our corner of the woods, so why not act accordingly. Why not? the answer is simple. Hizbullah's arsenal.

So my fellow Lebanese, I would advise you to reminisce, and long for the time when you lived under the Syrian boot; for then you could still fight. The excuse in those days was, I was fighting against an outsider, an occupying force.

But for the very few of you, who still have LEBANON flowing in your blood; those hindering bastards are not Lebanese by heart, soul, conviction or even allegiance. To all of you who took to the streets in 2005 and then onwards, for once speak out your mind. Pluck every single hair out of Saad's goatee and Hassouna's beard, demand that the Iztaz gives back the keys to parliament, that the so called doctor plants cedar trees in Becharre and leaves us alone, that Walid Beik rides his Harley into some far away sunset, that Micho finds an asylum that can accommodate his many psychological illnesses.But most of all my fellow Lebanese; REPENT. Repent, for what ails this country of ours is from your own doing!


Ekios said...

Exellent "résumé" I have to say ... but saddly (ah ah) I don't exactly see, judging by the all powerfull of the hezzb, what it could change to speak out his mind in this country anymore.

Just to finish in a cave or with a bullet in the head...

Anonymous said...

Fuck it guys.
Divide this country in cantons/Federal States and to each his own.
Why waste time trying to work together when we are only following the orders of outside powers anyway... Since we don't control our own fates anyway... Why hate one another for the sake an illusive unity which we're never going to be comfortable with anyway...

Khallas, let's declare independence from each other and continue the way we wish to continue to live. The constituency I am part of is WESTERN oriented. I have no shame to declare myself aligned with Europe and N. America. I am not going to impose on anyone my views and alignment. If you don't agree with my worldview, by all means do what you will within your Canton/State. Let's just stop hating, let's just stop arguing, Let's just concentrate on making sure the citizens of each canton are taken care of with lasting security and a promise for a fair opportunity for prosperity. If hassouna want's to ARM himself/Clan to counter Israeli treats until kingdom come, with Iran's backing, by all means let him go for it. I don't want any part of it. I want to sign a peace deal with Israel within my own Canton/State. That's my prerogative. I am for Palestinian rights, but NOT at my expense. Don't force your views on me. Let me make my own mistakes if I have to and let me learn & correct it myself. Allow me to take responsibility of My State/Canton without lording over me with your views/ideologies which I despise.

Let's all share Beirut and everyone else take your piece of the pie/canton/Federal State and run your affairs accordingly. Tax me if I need to enter your canton for work or leisure while we do the same in my Canton or something along those lines.

In the past I Was all for UNITY, but unity is NOT in the cards for us. Why force ourselves to something we are NOT meant to have. There is NO shame in this. Let's create/craft our own Democracy.

FOR A BETTER LEBANON: I want my own canton to do as I please. Sign treaties with whomever I want and adopt any worldviews I feel comfortable with. You don't have to join me. I certainly don't want to join you.

Ekios said...

?? ... seriously ... ??
And one day Canton A will cross a bit of Canton B, pretending this part is his, it's written in his holly book.

They will open fire to each other, the army will inter... euh wait no, no army anymore ... they will kill each other, Canton C will like the mess, try to kill them both etc etc ...

Yallaaaah Lebanon, you have some fucking genius, no doubt of that, but they are aaaaal out of the country !!

Anonymous said...

I'm tryin to think something different fuck-tart (Ekios)
What r u offering?

Ekios said...

Nothing, and for a damn good reason : You can propose what ever you want, If the hezzb isn't ok, it won't happen.

You want to push to far your idea ?? You will finish in a cave or with a bullet in the neck.

Please, be my guest "ANONYMOUS" (hey what a héro), push ... push push push !

Anonymous said...

who's tryin to be a hero? I'm scared shit-less of what may happen down the road in this sliver of land. I want to advocate a different way of thinking. There is a solution to this problem, we just need to find it.

Plus I don't want to take full credit if my ideas work that is why I'm anon. I prefer to share credit when all is settled ;)

Ekios said...

WAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAHHAAAA !! Oh boy, Marillionlb ... ooooh boy ... !!!

Marillionlb said...

I wouldn't settle for anything less than the 10452Km2, and I want them all. And I too would like to make peace with Israel, and see the Palestinians back in their country (and leave mine), have a free and independent country, a people worthy of a country and the right to vote, a sound infrastrucure....etc
Like I said I want it on all 10452Km2

N.B: Ekios Pourquoi Oh boy?????????

Ekios said...

Oh boy we got a hero ... ;)

PS : I agree with all your requests about Lebanon. You already know that. But the simple fact to ask peace with Israel is putting a target symbol on your face.

Hezzb don't want peace, with peace they don't exist anymore.

Marillionlb said...

Screw the hizb, they can bite me in the arse for all I care. They don't represent me, nor do they represent the majority of Lebanese.

Ekios said...

Of course they don't and THX GOD for that !!

But, they are the ones who have the power in the country ! To dismantle something like them, i don't see anything else than a blood bath ... and you know me about human blood ... can't accept that.

But anyway, the next "round" with Israel will product this effect ...

Really said...

EKIOS:To dismantle something like them, i don't see anything else than a blood bath ...

Not necessarily. You can stop being Hezbo-lite, by stopping singing resistance-lite (if you are M14 and Hariri/Saniora). You can articulate CLEARLY and FORCEFULLY and DAILY the difference, like anon who's trying to make a point.

You say: I'll fix elec, schools, phones, roads etc and give you peace and ACT on it. The others will bring war (no need for peace with Israel now, armistice a la Syria is politically smarter).

You also drum up responsibility BEFORE the frigging fact, as we should have before the kidnappings and July 2006, slowly but surely you destroy the other camp's credibility.


PS You criticize "anon" like "Ekios" is your real name? My advice to you is stay anon on politics, you never know when Hezbo/Syria/Bassil ID your internet account and come pay you a visit, when M14 is totally fucked and power has shifted back to Syria, which could any fucking day now.

Ekios said...

This is true common sense, I agree.

Let me just ask you a question now : All this shit is a power game.

If tomorrow a good old fashion messiah come in town and start make things better. It will logicly spread. For the good of all of the Lebanese people. (and I will be happy in a manner you will NEVER figure)

It will spread to the Hezzb quarter, who will be already pissed off to see that the people around are less thinking about the "eternal enemy in the south".

And more than anything that they are loosing the "people".

What is going to happen then ? What happens EVERY FUCKING TIME in this damn country when somebody start making things right ?

Answer me ...