Sunday, September 13, 2009

My reply to Fadlallah's latest "fatwa"

Prominent Shia Cleric Mohammad Hussein Fadlallah issued a fatwa on Sunday prohibiting any kind of normalization with Israel, regardless of the results of Arab-Israeli negotiations, adding that the Fatwa applies to all Muslim because “Palestine is an Arab Islamic country, and no one has the legitimacy to compromise over it.”

Fadlallah called for the nation to take an Islamic position on the issue and stop any “attempt to legitimize Jewish occupation of Palestine.” (source: Now Lebanon)

I especially like the last sentence when the call is to "take an Islamic position". I am first and foremost a LEBANESE, and second a Christian (by birth); and as far as I can recollect Lebanon is not (yet) an Islamic country (with respect to all religions).

Mr Fadlallah you are barkimg up the wrong tree !

For once I will control myself and not use derogative words in my reply, but I will speak my mind in music; in the words of Leonard Cohen (which I am sure you will never understand, and you are not familiar with for he is banned in MY country).

There isn't much I could do or say about your fatwa that would not pass censorship in most civilized countries (definitely not any you believe in), but I could sure try in the following dedication, you twisted hate filled bigot. I can actually picture you with a karaoke machine singing and dancing to this song in front of your mirror.

I am for a just and equitable peace with ALL. I am a believer in mankind (and obviously you are not), in résumé go bark at another door!

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Ekios said...

copy past from the other place :

Europe … remember on what it have been build …

With guys like Fadlallah … you will soon have an Arab Europe after a massive massacre ..

But hey, it’s god’s will isn’t it ?