Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Shame on a nation !

What to say and how to say it without further aggravating the situation to those who were forcibly silenced.
Shame on a nation that doesn’t protect its citizens from a blatant attack on their freedom!
Shame on a nation that sits idle while its citizens are prohibited to do their jobs!
Shame on a nation that doesn’t provide its citizens with legal recourse against barbarism!
Shame on a nation that openly allow thugs access to its citizens private data!
Shame on a nation that claims democracy and freedom to its citizens, but does nothing to uphold it!
Shame on a nation that has a policy of turning a blind eye under the excuse of “avoiding conflict”!
Although unaware of the details of this sordid affair, today I am once again ashamed of my Lebanese identity.
To my friends at CB I apologize for my country.



Delirious said...

Je suis absolument ecoeuree de ce qui s'est passe et je joins ma vois a la tienne pour exprimer toute ma revolte et mon degout.

to quote you... TFEH!!!

slacher said...

Tout à fait d'accord. Jusqu'où doit on s'enfoncer pour que quelqu'un ose dire quelque chose ?

Marillionlb said...

Why wait until we are neck high in shit? Let us start by calling a spade a spade. Enough with pretending that we can actually live in peace alongside those who have not one single iota of tolerance and patriotism. Now is the time to stoop to their level and IMPOSE our way of life. Freedom does not come cheap. Fuck M14 for they have sold out, it is up to us the people to take our own destiny into our hands.
Shout it out loud, NO to Hizbullah and the entire sect they CLAIM to represent. Lebanon is OURS !
NO to Jmblat, NO to Geagea, NO NO and then again NO to Berri, NO to Aoun...etc; and more over NO to anyone who defaced Lebanon and made do with our heritage and culture. NO to the excuse that if neglected you turn to Iran. NO TO EVERY SINGLE SHIA WHO SUPPORTS HIZBULLAH!

david said...


Ekios said...

+1 Everything seems to be already said here, I can just put my name on the team list for CB support.

Tout à l'air d'avoir déjà été dit ici, je peux juste rajouter mon nom sur la liste de l'équipe de soutient à CB.

Marillionlb said...

Bienvenu Ekios

david said...

tiens, frenchy n'est pas passé par là? il est pourtant impayable le garçon...

Anonymous said...

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