Friday, August 29, 2008

Died in vain part "II"

The year is 1976, and the death counter is still rolling over fast. What follows is a mention of a few series of events (and not only death toll) which had in impact on Lebanon.

7th January : Battle of Tal Al Zaatar and Jisr Al Basha, numerous dead on both sides (over 2000).

16th January : Lebanese aviation (yes we did have one) raid over Khaldeh and Aramoun, 30 dead.

20th January : Damour massacre, 350 dead.

30th January : Ahmad El Khatib declares the creation of "The Army Of Arab Lebanon"

11th March : Failed coup attempt by Ahmed El Khatib.

21st March : Mourabitoun enter down town and take over the Holiday Inn hotel, 365 dead.

1st June : Syria intervenes in Akkar and brake the siege in Kobeyyate from the Army Of Arab Lebanon.

16th June : kidnapping followed by the murder of US Embassador Francois Meloy, US economic adviser Rober Waring and their driver.

21st June : The Arab Peace Keeping Force enters Lebanon.

27th June : The battle of the Palestinian camps started.

12th August : Death toll in Tal Al Zaatar reaches 2000.

17th August : PSP & PLO Shell Ouyoune Al Simane and Faraya.

28th September : Syrian and Christian forces attack Palestinian factions in Sannine, Aintoura and Mtein.

16th Novemeber : Death toll reaches 60,000.

More GLOOMY reminder to come later !



Ekios said...

And that's just the start of the "first" war ???????????????

Holly ..

kheireddine said...

March 11, failed coup by Aziz El-Ahdab not Ahmad El-Khatib.

Marillionlb said...

, it was indeed "caporal Aziz El Ahdab".
Thank you for the correction my friend.

Anonymous said...

caporal ???????
abdelaziz el ahdab

you must be not crazy but stupid ???

Marillionlb said...


Yes Corporal Aziz El Ahdab, with the support of the PLO and Syria. I am neither crazy nor stupid, I would suggest you look it up. If you have any other info please do share.

kheireddine said...

Anon, we saw him on TV channel 7,
"Balagh rakem wahad!"

Aziz told my father in the late 70' that the coup failed because the Syrians forbade the Lebanese airfoce from Rayak to take off because Frangieh was their ally.

Disclaimer: he is not a direct relative, though we might share an ancestor ;-)

Ekios said...

Since when, the words of a coward anonymous have importance ? :)

what a memory you all have ;)

Lalebanessa said...

Those of us who care about people dying most likely never had and will never have anything to do with any butchering of the civil wars.
Those who continue to kill and maim don't care if you give a list of a millions who have died. They will always find a way to rationalise their actions.
So why are you torturing yourself with this list?


frenchy said...

@ Kheir and marillion

if at that time the military coup d'etat succeeded, the army would have been fighting against the civil strife.

Anyway, at that time, the army was the only one to have heavy weapons and now ... the rules of the game changed.

We can also say the civil war began not in 1975 but in 1973 or in 1969 or in 1958. We even might say that Lebanon is in a permanent civil war from the 19 century with the Mount Lebanon massacres.
It is just because we never managed to build a nation and instead of that nations depending on our communities.
Memories just depend on the point of view we are placing ourselves and those people judging without any comprehension of the other side are biast.

There was a very nice conference about the lebanese identity in deir el Qamar last sunday...

Marillionlb said...

Once you and your family threatened your animal instinct might kick in and you might find yourself with a riffle in your hand. That is what i am afraid of. As for those young who haven't experience something like that before those pictures should show them how absurd this entire situation is, obviously car stickers saying la li al taifiya did not work.
As for those who continue to kill and maim, if us the people weak up onday those bastards will have no one to kill but themselves (good ridance).

Marillionlb said...

Salut frenchy,

Sorry could not make it the 30th I am still not done with my fare share of family problems.
I do agree that the civil war started way before 1975, our country's constitution being what is, Lebanon became a fertile ground .

frenchy said...

It is ok Marrilion :)

By the way, we are going to go back there on friday, sat and sunday, it seems it s continuying.

I hope the problems are not serious and that we will see you soon in deir el qamar or in Beirut :)

about the constitution, no country having a constitution based on the 3rd french republic did not change it to a more centralized one. Add to it the "community" parameter and lebanon was forecasted to be a failure as I guess the conclusion of the seminar but I could not stay till the end as Ishtar needed me.
Today we desesperatly need tolerance, mutual comprehension etc... to be able to disarm everyone.

Ekios said...

Marillionlb : Just a word to tell you that I will show up correctly today or tomorrow, i'm in the juice actually :)


Anonymous said...

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