Sunday, July 20, 2008

NO, NO, NO, and then NO !

No matter how hard I claim (or even think) that I am an open minded person, I still cannot see a molecule of logic which will change my opinion with regards to Samir Al Kuntar.
Regardless of the numerous comments I’ve read (on this subject) on my blog and others, I cannot see the martyr or hero in this evil persona.
This deep (and forever engraved) feeling of disdain was today accentuated when he stood next to (yet another dick head) Wiam Wahhab, and informed us all that we should no longer fear for the “Moukawameh”s weapons and might (for they have won, according to him and many others).
Mr. Kuntar has assured all Lebanese (his own kind) that the battle is far from over. Wearing the Hizb’s military attire (with his name proudly stitched in yellow on his suit), standing next to the Syrian regime’s spokesman Wahab, confirmed our (true Lebanese) fears.
Kuntar said openly, bluntly, ARROGANTLY; that the struggle continues. In his own words Kuntar (who is now embraced and glorified by the “Moukawameh”) informed us that Israel will not rest; for according to him the battle to be waged is that of Palestine. He vowed (and those he NOW represent) to keep up the fight, providing moral, logistical and ARMS support to the Palestinians in the occupied territories. “We have your back” he said whilst being hailed by Wahab.
Can anyone still dispute the fact that this fundamentally evil FUCK (and I will not say “child killer” for a change) is nothing but a demented animal, who after 30 years in captivity, is going after his “5 minutes of fame”?
Kuntar was given (publicly) a hero’s welcome by almost all members of our newly formed government.
Doesn’t his words represent a threat to our sworn enemy?
Doesn’t his words represent an excuse for Israel to OBLITRATE Lebanon?
Samir Kuntar (regardless of whether some of you idiots still regard him as a hero) should be hanged by the balls in Lebanon, for the crimes he did, and those he will inflict upon us.


nethy said...

I commented on your previous post. Probably misplaced. It should have been here.

I was looking for the other side of the story. I was searching for a Lebanese saying this is wrong. I'm glad I came across your blog.

I think its very important what people think. Much more important then whether or no Samir Kuntar is free.

I have a question for you. The politicians were standing at his side. I haven't come across any major statesmen's comments on the other side. I understand Lebanon's politics are difficult. But does this mean that the Lebanese are in favour of another war?

Hezbollahs popularity. What does it mean? They are (as far as I know) theocratic, pro-Syrian & Iranin influence in Lebanon & pro war with Israel. From waht I can gather the last is the most important.

Am I missing something? Is there any other point to Hezbollah? Anything else their popularity can mean?

Marillionlb said...

Welcome on my page.
What many people think (unlike you see on TV) is that Kuntar should have been put in jail in Lebnon to serve the reminder of his sentence. As for Hizbullah's popularity it is in most part bought by Iranian money and partly also due to the fact that we have arotten and corrupted government.
Finally some idiots in Lebanon still favor war rather than peace with Israel.

nethy said...

Hi Marillionlb,

I'm glad I came across your post & several other ones around.

Marillionlb said...

@ nethy,

You are always welcome here and free to voice your opinion.
Ahlan wa sahlan !