Saturday, July 05, 2008

Say it with music !

Long, very long days I have been having lately.
Long but very agreeable. Nevertheless I haven’t been able to get back home and go strait to bed. After having spent about eight hours a day (after my regular working schedule) talking to strangers and exchanging views and opinions (in a very diplomatic manner I might add) my body and soul is begging for a reprieve once I finally get home. So I indulge myself with a drink (or two), music, and the blogs I use to frequent daily. A few days ago, my friend Kheir posted some video clips on his page that took me back to a happier place; so today I follow his example and what trails is my contribution.
Away from politics, the current stalemate and the unforeseen future (being Lebanese), I thought I would share the following songs that were part of my teenage years:

1) My first heart flutter (when I was eleven) at the sight of beautiful Maya (whom until today doesn’t know that I had the biggest crush on her)

2) The song that I use to request at parties when I wanted to slow dance while whispering the lyrics into my girlfriend’s ear.

3) My first heartbreak at the age of fifteen.

4) The call to local radio stations (magic 102 and radio one) dedicating this song to the one who dumped me (and boy I was dumped many times!).

5) And finally the same song that was taped on a Maxwell 90 minute tape, that kept on playing in my room.

Different styles of music, depicting different moods. This was the way my generation used to express itself, before the time of guns, grenades and rockets!

I am forever thankful to those who came into my life, absent and present; and especially to those who are in it now.
Tonight I am filled with love, for I have spent the past 3 days away from news and politics, and in very good company.
A bon entendeur SALUT !

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Kheireddine said...

I never knew that Randy Vanwarmer passed away.