Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Hizbollah, evil incarnate!

I will spare you a detailed account of what took place today for it is widely available on the internet, and most of you have been glued to your TV sets; therefore are in no need of a reminder.
A wide array of analysis and predictions were offered for you to pick whatever tickled your fancy.
Regardless of so called facts aired or written, no one can dispute the fact that Lebanon is being taken over by what was once praised as the Divine protector against the ultimate evil that is known as the state of Israel.
Many of times did I state that Hassounah and his thugs have one agenda and one only; that of imposing their own vision of Lebanon.
Can any of you, after today, still have a shadow of the doubt?

Roads are closed, tires are burnt, threats are made, people are held hostage at the airport, Iranians are flying in, new tents are being erected…etc.
And the army does nothing!
Michel Suleiman (and the other Micho who called for the toppling of the government today) say nothing.
M14 in their infinite wisdom (or shall I say lack of balls) praise the appeasing role of the army in such a volatile situation. Shots have been fired, B7 rockets were used, stones were hurled (even at army personnel), citizens were stranded, roads blocked (for no valid reason); and still our men in green watched.
Can you still seriously wonder why the Lebanese people are rushing to buy arms?
It is about time my fellow Lebanese to “call a spade a spade”, enough with the talk of one sect (and one only) that has been ignored by past governments, one area (the south) left to rot. Poverty is no stranger to the 18 (19 if we still recognize the Lebanese Jews) communities that are part of this nation of ours.
This very same community pretending to be marginalized, used and abused; is not only better off (thanks to foreign aid, “al mal al halal”) but has sold its Lebanese identity to foreign powers (Iran). This community by doing so has revoked its Lebanese identity, therefore its rights.
I, unlike others, will not hide behind my little finger and still claim that I am willing to negotiate with the likes of Hizbollah and those who follow them; for they have renounced their Lebanese identity.

I call upon my people to revolt and fight this cancerous cell even at the risk of having to amputate!

For those of you who might think it extreme I say : “bite me”.


Kheireddine said...

Welcome to the Islamic Republic of Lebanon vassal of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Marillionlb said...

Ma fashar !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I too disagree with Hezbollahs use against its own people. But I respect the fact they handed over all captured areas to the Army.

It'll come to an end, no worries

I doubt Hezbollah will try, or even dare to mention Lebanon as an Islamic state. One good thing that came out of the past days is that our National Army has much of a louder authority than it ever did, and we should all stand behind it.

Marillionlb said...

Although I can see your point of view, I have to admit that I blame the army for not protecting civilians and property. The army command was very quick to say that it feared divisions amongst its ranks. Well this for me is never justified. The army for me should be neutral and has a duty to uphold the law and protect citizens.
As for an Islamic state, I still would not put it any fundamentalist/radical movement, be it Sunni or Shia.
For the time being I do not stand behind the army and especially not behind Michel Suleiman who in his latest move has shown on what side he stands.
I do fear that a wave of clashes might extend to Christian areas, via Ain El Roummaneh.
I pray to God that this will not take place.

Anonymous said...

Hellow,I want to say Your website and media content is exellant.I am a Genneral in the Hezbollah Militita and its not true that we have more power and privaligies than ordinary citisans.For example we are not allowed to legally carry our guns in public and we dont because if we did we would be arrested by the police.So we only keep our guns in our homes as my bodyguardes do. But we can used our wepons in times of war invaision and as you know example was in 2006 when Israyel invaded,other citisans carried guns and other weapons to protect themselves.And this was a time when the police and army let Isralie solders do as they pleased and did not intervene when thousands of poeple citisans and militia men where rounded up and taken away to prison in Israyel and have not been seen or heard of to this day.We do not have any more influence over the government than you or any other citisan does.We simply want to stop the injusteces and human rights abuses of Israyel and the Lebonese government.Most of us Hezbollah milita members are not from this country we are Irainian but we like your country very much it is more free and liberal and less religious than ours (Iran)we are not very Islamic eather. Most of what you read including vairious websites written in Our name-Hezbollah are run by the Irainian and Lebanese authorities not us.And most of what you read is not true imformation and is deliberatly misleading to the public.But we in the Hezbollah milita certainly do Not want to run the country or take over the government.The authorities would never allow it and neither would Iran.If we realy had as much power as the newpapers say we,that is Hezbollah militia members would not be living the undocover and Cindarella existance that we are living now here in Lebanon and around the world.But I want to say again your website is excellant and keep writing good stories,okay! Abdul,Genneral of Hezbollah,the Militia,Baalbeck,Lebanon,my currant home.

Anonymous said...

You dont know a shit.
If it was'nt for sormeyet lsayed you would all be slaves to israel

Anonymous said...

I dont know who you are but it seems that you dont know a thing about hezbollah.
And by the way, dont lie "general"

Anonymous said...

The only evil thing is people like you
Hezbollah is the people and the people is hezbollah
Your hate and ignorance is going to divide our beloved country
So stop hating and let hezbollah do their job kepping lebanon safe and secure!