Sunday, May 04, 2008

The time of reckoning has come.

The latest squabble with regards to security issues (or lack of dare I say) should be a clear enough indication that “dawlat al fakih” is now moving towards the application phase.
Iranian (so called tourists/students) parked in me3rab for hours, cameras by the airport, security apparatus in sensitive points belonging to the Hezb, parallel communication lines, private security zones, massive buying of lands, an Embassy that reclaims suspects for a couple of days, the army general giving thanks to an invading power, a French representative held by armed militias (with no repercussions)…etc.
Brace yourselves my fellow (dormant) Lebanese for the day of Hizbollastan might be coming (sooner than you ever imagined).
Blame no one but yourselves when the gates of hell will widely open and engulf what was once known as the land of many freedoms.
Today I am the prophet of doom, for I am convinced that none of the opposing leaders to such an evil project have the balls to publicly call for the true “Moukawameh”(it has been copywrited by our divine Hasaan) .
Those ill fated (M14) clueless idiots still awaits to reach a (honorable, in their own opinion) compromise, in order to avert what the speaker of our (now closed and dysfunctional) house of representative (Nabih Berri) called “al sharr al mousstatir (whatever that may mean).
Meanwhile within our borders, letters are being exchanged and deals are being made, at whose expense may I ask?
Talk about the Golan Heights and the jump start of peace negotiations with regards to a long standing Middle Eastern problem seem to be well on their way. But the local situation sure looks like it has been once again sold to higher and more important purpose. The “new born Christian”(G.W Bush) and his failed foreign policies can no longer hold ground and bring reassurance to the true believers in democracy (us Lebanese included).
Hizbollah, along with its allies (the demented general included) have shown us that they are the ones controlling our country and our fate.
On the opposing side we have a group of impotent asses hiding still willing to put the future of our country within the hands of yet another army general who cannot even apply a simple rule of law.
I am willing to cut my genitals with a blunt instrument, if anything will be done with regards to this latest breach in national security.
Michel Suleiman should never become president; he should be relieved of his functions.
The army should be given clear orders to restore the rule of law, even by force if need be.
Until the day will come where one of the biggest Lebanese religious sect will renounce fanaticism and foreign allegiance; we Lebanese (for they ARE NOT) have a duty not to let them have their way.
No to “Tawlet al hiwar”, NO to “la ghaleb wa la maghloub”, those are people that can never be trusted; those are people that have a higher purpose that spans way beyond the Lebanese border, those are people who never felt they belonged to this (once) great nation of MINE, those are the cancer that has made my country terminally ill.



JoseyWales said...

Good rant Marillion,

Outside of Hezbo no one has a plan of action.

The killing of General Hajj was a momentous development in the further losing if Lebanon.

Saniora is a worthless freak, who is derelict in his duties. But even the "independent" press hails him as a statesman. I.e. there's no pressure on him to do his job.

As to Berri, I look forward to the day Hezbo tosses him in the gutter like the garbage that he is, unless of course the dumbfucks of M14 rescue him yet again.

Marillionlb said...

J.W, like we have seen many times in our past, Lebanese allegiances and alliances never last. The main problem is that the players are still the same, nothing but a bucnh of criminals. I no longer see any future for my country.