Sunday, February 17, 2008

The ramblings of a disillusioned Lebanese!

My son sound asleep hoping for the snow storm to hit before school starts on Monday. Me, with my drink at hand, flicking through TV channels. “Escarmouche“ between Amal, Moustakbal, Hizbollah; the army intervenes, with no details. Some TV stations claims that the rift started because of lady (a Haifa look alike most probably), then each station went by airing their usual senseless stream of vulgarity. For a few seconds, scenes of youngsters lying on stretchers waiting to be taken to hospital. No words were spoken, no official statement was made. Al hurra, LBC, New Tv, O TV, Future X2, NBN, Al Jazira, Al Arabia…etc had texts scrolling on the bottom of their screens announcing that clashes are taking place in various areas of Beirut; with no details.
Still no communiqué from army or ISF. Talk of Molotov cocktails, Hizbollah quarters, Amal and Future followers, sporadic gun shots…etc; and still no communiqué from the army or the ISF.
And yet Michel Suleiman, went to pay his condolences to the Hizb and shared his sorrow for the loss of that great “moukawem” that Imad was.
And still M14 leaders reassured the Lebanese people that Michel Suleiman will be elected before the “Kumma Arabia” which will take place in Syria next month.
And still Lebanese people listened.
I switched off the TV, refilled my glass, went to my son’s room and placed a kiss on his forehead, took my gun out of its locked closet; and placed next to me.
No, I no longer believe in the gung ho theory; but I do believe that my country is no longer safe. I am not calling for “vigilante” style self security; I am demanding the rule of law.
Faute de mieux, I will protect my son and myself!
And still they talk of independence, freedom, sovereignty…etc, when they can’t even protect themselves, let alone insure public safety.


kheireddine said...

W2ayya Tfeh! Malla balad! Malla
3alam! Shame! A terrorist becomes a national hero. But who killed him? I suspect rhe syrian regime who has a tradition of getting rid of its agents & allies(remember HK) when they become useless & compromizing...

Marillionlb said...

Like you said Kheir, I would not put it passed them.
Seriously, I do not give a toss as to who killed him, as we say in Lebanon "kahra bil nakess".

Ms Levantine said...

Rule of Law: the missing ingredient from Baghdad to Beirut. All the rest is secondary.

Marillionlb said...

@Ms Levantine
It has always been missing, from the days of the first republic. The Lebanese people brought all this upon themselves, and still they have learned nothing.