Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hizbollah's portfolio of patriotism !

The following are some of Hizbollah's and some other (in order to be fair) Iranian's puppets portfolio of patriotic acts:

The kidnapping (in many cases slaying) of:
1. Reverend Lawrence Martin Jenco (a man of the cloth).
2. Jeremy Levin (reporter).
3. Terry Anderson (reporter).
4. David Jacobsen (director of the American University Hospital).
5. Thomas Sutherland (educator).
6. Passengers of TWA flight 847 (innocent people).
7. Reverend Benjamin Weir (another man of the cloth)
8. Michel Seurat (reporter).
9. Four French TV crew members (march 8, 1986).
10. Peter Kilburn and two Britons found dead.
11. Frank Reid (educator).
12. Joseph Cicipio (American University Of Beirut controller).
13. Terry Wait (envoy to the Archbishop of Canterbury).
14. Allan Steen, Jesse Turner, Robert Polhill & Mitheleshwar Singh (educators).
15. Charles Glass (reporter).
16. Jean Louis Normandin & Roger Auque (reporters).
17. Lt. Col. William Higgins (UN truce monitoring officer).
18. William R. Higgins (Col. US Marines).
19. Brian Keenan (Irish Author).
20. John McCarthy (TV Producer).
21. Edward Tracy.
22. Jerome Leyraud.
23. Jack Mann (ex pilot who lived most of his life in Lebanon).
I will not dwell into the purpose of all those actions (If Ronald Regan was still alive I would tell you to ask him), but I will ask you why JACK MAN (This elderly person who chose Lebanon as a home), Lawrence Martin Jenco (A religious man of a different faith), David Jacobsen (a healer), passengers on the TWA 847 (innocent bystanders), Benjamin Weir (another religious man from a different faith), Lt. Col. William Higgins (a peace keeper), and most of all Terry Waite.

Granted all the above mentioned victims were not solely the doings of Hizbollah, but in their majority they were (by the Hezb’s own admission).
And yet those thugs want to be part of the decision process and they claim tolerance and respect for different beliefs.
In all fairness I also recall, since I am old enough, the hiring of Somali (amongst others) “mourtazaka” by the “Iztaz’s” party who fought against fellow Lebanese. I also recall the massacres of Sabra and Chatila, Tal al Za3tar…etc.
One should not forget its bloody history, but one should not FORGIVE.

If we are ever to live free, we should rid ourselves of guilt (we should start by admitting it first). Let each faction call their fight a “Holly War”, revert back to the “crusades” or the “futuhat” and destroy one another.
Please do so, but do no longer pretend that your cause is divine ya Hassan, for it is NOT!


frenchy said...

Je me rappelle dans les années 80 des attentats à la voiture piégée, 100 morts , 150 morts, 2 ou 3 fois par semaine, un 11 septembre toutes les semaines bref.

Le Hezbollah a bien sur participé à des crimes, mais pourquoi s'intéresser aujourd'hui à ces crimes alors que d'autres criminels continuent à parader au gouvernement ou dans les instances mondiales?
Si on ouvre les dossiers, faut les ouvrir pour tout le monde et non pas seulement pour quelques uns.
Dans les critiques actuelles du Hezbollah de la majorité, je ressens cette instrumentalisation politique vis que ces critiques sont unilatérales et non pas billatérales.

Il faut remettre en cause les lois d'amnésies collectives comme le demande les instances des droits de l'Homme internationales comme le HRW ou amnesty international, le réclamer pour ne pas tomber dans le piège de cette instrumentalisation qu'on se doit de déplorer comme citoyen "universel" et non partisan.

Ms Levantine said...

You are missing the many Lebanese HA kidnapped in the mid-80s to finance their activities. No hand-outs from Iran at the time.

But we are all amneniacs in Lebanon. Do you want to remember that Mr. Geagea was the undisputed virtuoso of car bombs, placed among the people he claimed to protect in order to destabilize whoever was running the LF at the time?

Walid Raad and the Atlas group turned the whole episodes into an art exhibit.

The same scumbags have been ruling us for 30 years now. They are all very patriotic off course. So are we since we keep turning up at their mega rallies.


Marillionlb said...

I did not forget what other militias did (I suffered my fair share at the hands of some of them),and their part in the killing of Lebanese citizens. The only difference is that at some point all admitted it, whilst the hizb still claims that he has never harmed Lebanese, and that the hizb is not a terrorist organization.
When Hassan goes on TV vowing to destroy Israel, blaming the USA for all that is happening in Lebanon, I can't help but think at the time when this same hatred was translated into kidnapping and attacks on the border.

Anonymous said...

Excellent laundry list of their accomplishments!

They have not changed for the better, however towards more radicalism under BS slogans. The rust is showing under the paint!


Anonymous said...

Hezbollah did not "kidnap these People" they were taken into Hezbollah's custody for questioning then kept as prisoners because,from what I understand. Most of these men were jounalists and they were interfearing in Hezbollahs affairs and jepodised both the security of Hezbollah and Lebanese civillians. Rembere the 1980s was a time when Lebanon was at war and under occupation by Israel. Hezbollah did not commit any terrorist acts. Fatima,Beirut,Hezbollah supporter.