Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Where can I cash these slogans?

“Proud to be Lebanese”, “Lebanon forever”, “ No to fanaticism”, …. And many more. All fine sentiments and words, and then what?

Where did all those slogans lead us to? Did they:

  • Improve our quality of life?
  • Reduce the national debt?
  • Increase our GNP?
  • Free the hands of the judiciary?
  • Provide us with a fair electoral law?
  • Protect our basic human rights?
  • Make available affordable basic necessities?
  • Create new job opportunities?
  • Insure a decent retirement fund?
  • Fix any of the problems with the National Health Service?

Do I really need to go on, or is this enough for a start?

The list is endless and ever-growing; and yet we do nothing. We are still waiting for some miracle government/leader who will take us out of this ever deepening abyss. Well my friends this is not going to happen unless we all wake up and act. Express your disapproval of this status quo in every possible peaceful mean; be relentless in your quest for a better nation. Do not sell short your dignity and freedom. Do not sell short LEBANON !!!


Ms Levantine said...

Dear Marillionlb,

I see you are still clutching at straws.


Marillionlb said...

Dear Ms Levantine,

I am a dreamer at heart I guess. But I also like to think that maybe one day my son will be able to live with dignity, security and freedom without having to emigrate.
Like I said I am a dreamer

Smurf said...

The only figure in Lebanon whom I still hold some admiration and respect for, was a dreamer by his own words.

Carry on Marillion, this god forsaken place of a country needs a few more people like you. People who've been through the ups and downs, highways and backstreets of the tragedies we've all been through, and still have the guts and courage to hang on to a dream we all hope that one day, would come true.

Best wishes for you and your son, may he and his generation enjoy the beauty, peace and tranquility of childhood which we didn't have the chance to experience.

Marillionlb said...

Thank you R.S for your words of encouragement.