Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Guilty of the highest crime!

Another night of watching different local TV channels jamming the airwaves with lies, accusations, attempted explanations; and sponsoring more hatred in a community that still clings on to words uttered from the mouths of so called leaders who change positions more than Sabah changes husbands (Ms Sabah, please excuse the metaphor).

Ever since that last war started (more like "imposed" upon us) we were bombarded (not only by Israeli missiles), but with words such as "Treason, American Agenda, New Middle East, Syria, Iran, International Tribunal, Tawlet Hiwar....etc". Every single politician, including Talal Arslan (the forgotten son) took turn on different podiums screaming obscenities and spitting at the crowds whilst delivering speeches in a vain show of patriotism.

And I, like most Lebanese; watched, listened and at times was moved.
Not anymore!

I have a son (
Tarek), 11 years of age, holder of another nationality (British); who now is begging me to leave and go back to England. My son, at 11 does not see any future for him in Lebanon.
Tarek is a nature and animal lover who sees the beauty of his country and cannot stand to see it destroyed by ignorance. His eager mind cannot grasp political notions (yet), but his innocence cannot accept all this hatred.

Michel, Hassan, Saad, Samir, Fouad, Walid, Nabih,...etc your are destroying our youth, you are killing the future of our country.

You are all guilty of the highest form of genocide!

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