Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Why we should all vote against Michel Aoun

(Letter to the editor, Times newspaper UK)

As a disgruntled ex “Aounist” and a “true Lebanese”, I can’t help but feel not only disappointment but hatred towards what I consider (especially after his latest “propos”) as the biggest traitor Lebanon ever witnessed. Whatever happened to “The World Movement for the Liberation of Lebanon “and your slogan of “Independence, Sovereignty and Freedom”? I guess “Beit Al sha3b” who drew thousands risking their lives, you have now rented (cheap) to those who ousted you wearing only pajamas. Came a time when you had the support of many from all creeds and religions (Druze, Sunnies, Shia, Christians, rich and poor) provided you with a human shield against those whom once you considered as being the foes of what Lebanon stood for. Even the Lebanese Diaspora voluntarily mobilized itself and became a patron to your cause; the cause (of what they thought was) the way towards a free and truly independent Lebanon.

London Marathon

Said Akl (that half crazy has been local poet) recited poetry praising your accomplishments (although at the time they were none), people danced on the road to Baabda, restaurants delivered free food to all those who protected (risking their own lives) you by staging a sit in anxiously waiting for you to grace them with a few (unfounded) promises.
And (along with many others) me in my country of exile, I demonstrated in front of embassies in harsh weather conditions, convinced that this was my patriotic duty. We collected money when you could no longer afford to pay the wages to those Lebanese army soldiers (who whole heartedly) believed that they could finally protect their fellow citizens from the Syrian sword that had caused so many martyrs, and transferred them to your bank account. Many of those very same soldiers who believed in you and your cause were slaughtered, and those who survived were stripped naked and made to walk and spit on posters depicting your “moronic” profile in your military suit by the hands of those you now swear allegiance to, and I quote my dear “traitor”: “The Syrians and the Iranians helped Lebanon, and I do not care if these words anger anyone”.
Well these words anger me and the families of those soldiers who died when you decided to flee to the French embassy. These words anger every single Lebanese (and there still aren’t enough of them) whom for one second believed that you could have been the protector and liberator of this holly land. You pissed on all that was sacred to this once great nation of ours.

Now you claim to be the epitome of the true “wifak watani” with your alliance with those outlaws that don’t even recognize the rule of law; which not long ago was part of the war you fought against fellow citizens (LF to be precise).
I won’t spend any more time detailing your failures and showing your true face (of the traitor and demented general that you are) for I know that many share my views, and the few followers you have are moved by the (false) need to have a so called Christian representation to follow, lacking another alternative (that of the LF).
Dear General, you have recently given us enough material enabling us to write volumes on the subject of traitor, deceit, megalomania, dictatorship…etc. You remind me of one of my favorite “bande dessinee” character, that of IZNOGOOD : “je veux etre califee a la place du calife”.
Well to you my dear general I say : “not in your wildest dreams”, just like Iznogood we will all laugh at all your failed attempts; the only difference be it that in comic books no one gets hurts. I guess that you never understood the difference!
A disgruntled ex Aounist.


Anonymous said...

I got involved in Lebanese politics relatively recently, but I want to know, was aoun always that retarded when making public appearances? (not that he would be a sane person in private). Because if he was, then you guys should have been more aware

Marillionlb said...

@ Anon,
Aoun gained popularity at a time when the Syrian occupation was raping and killing fellow Lebanese with the help of some Lebanese. No one paid attention at Aoun Posture when he was promissing freedom and independence; but I guess if we had looked more closely the signs of dementia would have been apparent.

Anonymous said...

Thats right! If only we had looked a little more closely we would have seen that he was always a power hungry self serving son of a whore. So much treasure was given so freely to this lunatic...all the young men, friends, cousins, uncles, that he abandoned to the butchers when he went to the french embassy (oui oui mon ami una franchee) I hate him so much that I do not even consider him something to acknowledge.

Screw him and all the other scum sucking politicians in lebanon.


Marillionlb said...

Welcome, I read your comments on AK's page and have to say that I do agree with many of your thoughts; just like I agree now.

Ekios said...

I copy past what I already said on wordpress ... please choose your place ...it's relly disturbing to follow the same bill comments on two blogs !


De toute façon, le Liban mérite largement mieux qu’un taré qui, en pleine campagne électorale déclare vouloir couper certaines langues.

Je crois que le Liban a besoin de tout sauf de leader qui ont des océans de sang sur les mains.

Tout les aoun gegea magea trulala biduallah et autres machins choses que je retiens jamais les noms, se sont des déchets pour moi.

J’ai pas besoin de tout savoir du passé, j’ai juste besoin de savoir qu’ils en ont fait partis du passé, donc qu’ils sont responsable du présent.

A partir du moment ou l’on a un passé aussi sanglant que celui du Liban on ne peut pas construire un futur avec ceux qui ont perdu une partie de leur humanité.

Quand les libanais comprendront que les politiques en place actuellement ne peuvent RIEN leur apporter on aura fait un gros pas en avant.

No futur if you live in the past. Especially the lebanese one.

PS : I’m NOT saying to forget the past, it’s quite the contrary, never forget it, and all who have been a part of it, banish them from the politic stage, and put true, real, fresh new persons.

PS2 : Yes I know, i’m a dreamer.

Marillionlb said...

@ Ekios,
J'aime te rendre la vie difficlle mon ami :)


Ekios said...

No more Granpa drink you come to my place.

Gniark ! :D

Lebanese fighter said...
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Lebanese fighter said...

My father founded "association des jeunes du Liban" with Aoun when they were both in France, so he knows him on a personal scale and I can say that what I have learned about Aoun disgusts me until today. Yes, he's a TRAITOR. At war, when every man had to pay for his military clothe and gun and equipment, Aoun made people pay him to just wear the military outfit and take a picture in it just to "say" that he took part in the combat. All he does is bowl and bowl and people actually buy what he says. First, many times he went on TV, angry and BOWLING and this is unacceptable, as if he's a victim or what he says in sacred! Second, while people think that he's a genius "using" momentarily Syria to get to the top, he's just a dirty man playing under the table for HIS own good. Yes, he's a selfish arrogant person who doesn't give a sh*t about YOU! Men like him disgust me. He sends mothers' boys to war but doesn't have the guts to go himself unlike the Gemayels who have known FIVE deaths in the family for the sake of our country, because they went to war, stood at the front lines with the mothers' boys, leading them, not barking orders around.