Friday, February 13, 2009

That was then and this is now !

Call it what you want: my own twisted way to justify what “you” might call fanaticism, a way of masking the truth, or even a proof that I am nothing but an atheist son of the devil sprung from a sordid affair. A drunken arse who spits incoherent words filled with hatred whilst pretending that tolerance is his forte, I DO NOT GIVE A FLYING FUCK!
To those who’s paths I have crossed, and made the effort to try and comprehend what makes me tick, tickle my fancy, and gets me tangled up in knots; I dedicate the following.
I dedicate the following for I know you, an only you will understand what I truly mean.

To those who knew me I say: I was not born and bred a fanatic; but I am not alien to facts nor am I blinded by religion. I am a citizen of this world aware of its people’s past and admitting it shortfalls. For those of you who don’t know me I say: “label me as you wish and call me names”, for you are still blinded by preconceived ideas deeply engraved in your psyche and evolution has passed you by. Yes I deem myself better (at the risk of being crude), but at least I call it as I see it; and moreover I am open for debate.
So give me your best shot !

NO, I d not pretend to be King Arthur, but I relate to Sir Lancelot and I long for the days of the Knights of the round table; days when honor still prevailed.


_z. said...

i haven't see the last two tubes before... that's some crazy shit!

too bad... really.

Marillionlb said...

@_Z, Welcome, unfortunetly theire are many more. Twisted and evil people exist everywhere.

Anonymous said...

the egyptian guy has allas symptoms of severe schizophrenia.

wafa sultan and the algerian so called professor had a very non-constructiv talk. "they are, and we are" talk is useless.

chris de burgh. bof


Marillionlb said...

"constructive" talk within two opposite "Arabic" points of view? In order to be constructive you have to be somewhat open minded (something Arabs are in dire need of).The Egyptian is high on drugs (not to question his IQ) and is not an isolated case. Chris De Burgh, well he did perform a song with Elissa (need I say more?). As for Wafa Sultan,she could have spoke about Christian fanaticism and I would have agreed with her, but in my neck of the woods, such is not the case. The day "mar Elias" will raise his sword again in order to spread Christianity, I will be the first one to shout out loud "foul play". This was then, and this is now.

Anonymous said...

I read your website For A Better Lebanon quite a lot.I must say I realy like your vidios,well I KNOW they are not yours but I like the ones that you show on your site fron Y-Tube.I hope you keep up with writing interesting stories and pointing out interesting vidios-documentries that you show here on your site.Hanna,Baalbeck,Lebanon.

Marillionlb said...


Welcome and thank you for your kind words.