Thursday, April 03, 2008

Pardon Sleiman Beik, bedeh e7lbo !

Have we reached the bottom of the barrel, or is it a lack of social life that made me watch Suleiman Beyck tonight on what used to be the voice of Christian defiance (LBC). I thank my God (my private God) for whiskey and the beautiful company I was graced with, which made Suli’s televised “itlaleleh” more funny than it was supposed to be.
I will not bother to comment on his wisdom and political savvy, he doesn’t have any (in my own humble opinion). But what cracked me up and made me piss down my trousers was the use of : “ye7lebo” and “yil3an oukthoun” (more than once). According to Suli beyck my fellow Lebanese are masturbators with cursed sisters.
Thank you LBC for having shown us once again that you are pioneers and fervent adept of free speech. Sheikh Bashir is now rolling in his grave.
Thank you Suli, my dear me3az from the north for making me realize that in Lebanon, you don’t even need any form of education to become a leader, a minister, a politician...etc and have your moment of glory on LBC.


Jeha said...

Wlak le nsebb el Me3azeh, ya zalameh... It is an honest profession, unlike the one Suli is in.

His only saving grace is that he makes other politicians in Lebanon look good in comparison.

Marillionlb said...

Wallah ya Jeha you are right. I do apologize to all the Me3azine both local and international. But not to Suli.

J.R said...

Marillonlb, faute de temps je n'ai pas pu visionner le speech de Saniora ni celui de Frangieh d'ailleurs. Par contre j'ai eu l'occasion d'écouter 30 secondes qui m'ont oté toute envie de le faire, et m'ont donné une idée bien précise du contenu :

Prévisible de la part d'un clown pareil n'est-ce pas ?

Marillionlb said...

@ J.R
Ce n'est plus une question de contenu. Le regime actuel Syrien est coupable de plusieurs crimes. Ce qui m’exaspère le plus c’est le fait qu'une personne sans aucune éducation peu clamer qu’elle représente un courant Libanais ; encore plus cette même personne a eu une fonction de ministre.Ce n'est pas la seule malheureusement. I would advise dear Suli to revert back to flying model aeroplanes and leave politics to people who hold a bit more weight than he does.

kheireddine said...

30 avril, 2008, Aoun: 'Une visite en Syrie est importante pour nous et nous serait très chère.'
Quel salaud! Les martyrs du 13 octobre 1990 doivent se retourner dans leurs tombes...

Marillionlb said...


And when I think that many idiots still hang on to every word the demented general says it makes me sick to the stomach.