Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Thank you Gemmayzeh !!!

Thank you Mr Sarkiss and Mr Allouch, for having reminded me, that I took the wrong decision in investing in my own country.
Thank you for having opened my eyes to the fact that my contract (all dues paid in full, and then some more) could be breached for political purposes.
Thank you Gemmayzeh residents for charging me ridiculous rent on my premises, only to later complain that I have defaced your culturally protected neighbourhood, and what a culture I ask.
You took to the streets with slogans such as “bidna neim” (we want to sleep) when you were more than happy to rent us space that was not even fit for your dogs to live in.
We refurbished them at our own expense and put Gemmayzeh back on the map, and yet you repay us by circulating a petition that shuts many of us down.
Thank you for your loyalty, you ingrate bunch of “enculeurs de mouches” (and no do not excuse my French).
It was and still is a sad day, when in my restaurant I have to ask my customers to leave by 11.30.
May Sarkiss, Allouch and all of you rot in hell , and may all gemmayzeh resident be haunted once again by the emptiness and the eerie silence that once prevailed.
“Never bite the hand that feeds you", you ingrate maggots.
Ana beddeh 3ich.

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Nat said...

Amen to that. All is said.