Thursday, November 23, 2006

The never ending story

The never ending story!

Another black page has today been engraved deep into Lebanese history. A young man, a son, a father, a husband and a leader has fallen. When will it ever end, or will it ever?

Feelings are running high and national security is now more at risk than in the days of the cedar revolution.
Sheikh Pierre was not only a son, a husband, a father; but most of all a member of the Gemayel family and a leader within the Phalangist party.

On the eve of Independence Day, my fellow Lebanese you should not only remember; but do not forget, that the Phalangist party and the Gemayel family are amongst the founders of our independence (amongst others I admit). The signature of Sheikh Pierre (the grand father of the deceased) along with that of Mir Majid Arslan, Riad El solh, Camille Chamoun, Sheikh Bechara El Khoury …etc are embedded in the flag that will wrap yet another martyr (and trust me, not the last one).

For those who lately have monopolized the word patriotism and call for the fall of the current government I ask:
"What country does your patriotism point to? what cause? Is it that of neighboring countries, or even bigger than that; meaning an old lost cause for a bigger nation, that of the land of the Holly Crescent? Till when do we (true Lebanese) have to pay the price for (what you use as an excuse) the plight of the Palestinian people, and all those down trodden Arab terrorists who can no longer seek refuge within other Arab countries?"
To you I say: "No matter how loud you condemn this latest act of violence, even if you label it as an act of terrorism; the coincidences are too great for me to dismiss. The threats you have repeated on national TV for the past month, claiming that change will come in a democratic and peaceful way; I do not believe. You have a history of violence; your demonstrations were never peaceful and your intentions are known by us (educated Lebanese)."

The hypocrisy of it all came from our dear (sorry I cannot bring myself to call him president) despot sitting high on his throne when called the deceased his son. This illegal dictator has publicly pledged to seek the truth in the killing of Sheikh Pierre, and bring the culprit into justice. Little did he know that a few hours later the UN has passed a resolution with regards to the international court of law (and yes the resolution has passed). Mr. dictator your clock is ticking! This despicable act was today described as a terrorist act by all.

"Do not take to the streets, show refrain, do not fall into their trap, and do not let his blood be shed in vain". All of the above are words of wisdom spoken in a vain attempt to avert civil strife. I do no longer agree. It is time to face our bitter reality. The "entente" is a pipe dream as long as:
We admit traitors (Syrian, and Iranians puppets) within our body of government.
The people in power cannot agree on a replacement for the dictator glued to the presidential chair.
The people do not take any initiative unless called upon.
The spiritual leaders dwell into false politics.

Yes, do take to the streets peacefully, it is your duty to change the destructive course your country was forced to embark upon. Go to Baadba palace and sit in, show your leaders (elect) that they should represent your views and your will, and moreover; monitor the border with Syria.

Never forget that Lebanon is a Biblical Land, and us Lebanese (and me as a Christian) have a duty to protect it.
To those of a different faith I say: "My land is your land"; love it as I do!

biible (Psalms 92:12, "the righteous flourish like the palm tree, and grow like a cedar in Lebanon").


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