Saturday, September 23, 2006

Enough is enough!

The last iota of tolerance I had left was stripped from me today.
As I was watching the debate that took place on future TV this evening, I was FORCED (just like the war that was IMPOSED on us LEBANESE) to rekindle feelings of mistrust and that the time of reckoning is now at hand.
Before I put forward my views (fears), allow me to assure you that I do not belong, adhere, or agree with any “Tayyar”, nor am I speaking from a deep rooted sense of religious zeal or fanaticism.
If I only comment on words spoken by the representative of Hizbollah, I do it not because I am biased, but because I feel that they are now showing their true colors (and not only yellow).

Dr. Hussein Hajj Hassan got up on his high horse claiming that the ELECTED government (even through appointed through an electoral process that was inherited from Syrian hegemony) was in cahoots, or serving Israeli and American purposes. The discussion (although very heated) went on and on with regards to how “the force of 14th of March entertains relations and meetings with America. Here I would like to ask the following.
1. Is Lebanon in a state of war with America?
2. Doesn’t America hold representation in Lebanon, and Lebanon in America?
3. Doesn’t America have embassies in your sponsoring countries (Syria was praised yesterday for her role in preventing the attack on the US embassy)?
4. Do you intend to restrict our foreign policies, to dealing only with Iran, Syria and Palestine; and any other “pour parler” is automatically labeled treason?
· 20 minutes after the debate, I could not help but think that the Hezb was preparing for a coup d’etat. Is Michel Aoun (your ally), your guaranty to remain outside the legitimacy of any form of government?
· What happened to Tawlet Al hiwar? If you have truly engaged in a dialogue of “national entente”, why did you keep your intentions secret from your partners (since you have agreed, for once, to become partners in this government) ; and more over can your partners trust you ever again?
· Dr. Hussein, you claimed on national TV that the source of your weaponry is secret, and yet you profess that your Hezb is patriotic, and that you support the current president; then how come Emile Lahoud when asked he said that had no clue as to how the Hezb was arming itself. Don’t you have trust in your allies? If not how can you gain the trust of fellow Lebanese (and yet, you claim to have Lebanese interests at heart first and foremost).
· Dr. Hussein, you got infuriated when you were accused to serve the purpose of both Iran & Syria. Humor me if you please (or even if it is within your culture). 3 days after the aggression was stopped, both Israeli and American media started talking about the possibility of holding peace talks with Syria; and Iran’s nuclear dossier was toned down. Dr. Hussein, your not the only educated (foreign education that is) Lebanese.
· A question I would like to ask of you Dr. Hussein: Isn’t part of the doctrine of Hizbollah to create an Islamic state in Lebanon?
· Within the interview you had a heated debate about an incident that took place in Deir Al Ahmar. You claim that check points were put in place. Fine, according to your own words then; how come the priest was stopped and greeted amicably if no check point was there (Do not insult my intelligence please)?
· Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has admitted (and then almost denied) that he did not take into consideration the savage response of the Israeli IDF with regards to the kidnapping of the two soldiers, I grant you that. War started, Lebanon was savagely destroyed; and then United Nations brokered a halt to military actions and came with the resolution 1701 (which you agreed to adhere to). Why are you now against the deployment of UNIFIL on the Lebanese Syrian border? Please explain to me how such a deployment will hinder Lebanese independence.
· Dr. Hussein, in this interview, and whilst your blood was boiling you said that America’s plan for a “new Middle East” was targeted towards Syria, Iran and Palestine; you did not mention Lebanon. Where does you loyalty lye? I feel for the Palestinian people who are deprived of their homeland, but let Syria regain the Golan heights with the blood of its own soldiers, people and their own “Moukawameh”. When in this last war, Israel attacked Palestinian camps with tanks and war planes why were their SAM6 (to say the least) silent?
· Dr. Hussein, allow me to say, that you are not for “Houkoumet wifak watani”, Hezbollah has (and I am convinced) reverted back to its original doctrine. This is clearly stated when you send a clear message to the government saying “do not rest at ease” (ma titaman al houkoumeh).
· Finally, in comparison, your demonstrations were never peaceful (and we have witnessed a few before this last war). The hatred you instill within your followers and the lack of tolerance goes against the few moments of so called patriotism and reassurance your party professes.

In conclusion; me, myself and I; as a Lebanese I have grown further apart in my (now vain) attempt to understand your notion of patriotism.

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