Thursday, November 23, 2006

Full to the brim

Full to the brim!

Murder after murder, the holly chalice of freedom has now been filled to the brim; and we the people still await “The Sign” from our respective leaders to eradicate the evil from its very roots. This “sign” was once again absent today.

Dear majority leaders, and so called wise men; who hold very very deep in their hearts the Lebanese cause and the well being of us its people; what are you still waiting for?

If you are waiting for yet another martyr, then you lack wisdom. You will no longer enjoy the legal majority and will be decimated (in a legal manner that is) by those who are much less patriotic than you are.

If the stumbling block is the fact that you have not yet agreed on a successor to the present (politeness obligate) President, well at this very point in time, and excuse my frankness, anyone will do not to use derogatory adjectives).

If you fear that the road to the palace will not be safe to your people, then again you lack wisdom. All of us Lebanese know that the army will never stop such a peaceful demonstration (and ours were always peaceful). Each army man will see at least half his family marching, and most will join in.

The “ifs” are numerous they no longer make any sense, and are no longer acceptable. Nothing justifies your absence of leadership and guidance. Today one slogan and one slogan only should have been shouted out loud: “To the palace of Baabda”. Today you have missed out on what might be your last chance of rewriting history in creating a new independence day for a new Lebanon, for all the Lebanese.

I for once, will no longer listen to your rhetoric.



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