Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The silent majority, and the balance of power

The silent majority, and the balance of power.

Tensions are running high in this politicized community of mine. Different colored flags flutter high above balconies, roof tops and cars; along side the red white and the cedar tree in between. Greek symbols sprung out of nowhere in an attempt to give a deeper sense of logic to those who never even heard of ancient Greece and its philosophers. Far from it, those people worshiped one God too many (according to all their beliefs)! And yet the “silent majority” sits idle behind their TV screens just waiting for the worst to happen. MY people talk amongst themselves, analyzing so called facts shoved down their thoughts via non objective Medias pushing forward their own political affiliations. Thinking about what will happen next, and how it will affect them. Little does this “silent majority” knows that they actually hold the key to make a change.
We have witnessed countless demonstrations in the past couple of years, where opposite sides took to the streets; each claiming the majority.
If we indulge in a simple mathematical calculation (and according to different media channels, mainly local) there have been more people who publicly voiced their opinion, than there are people in Lebanon. And still the “silent majority” does nothing. They exchange e-mails, jokes and voice their discontent amongst themselves, sometimes engage in heated arguments, and DO NOTHING.

This “silent majority” holds the future of Lebanon in its hands.
This “silent majority” should now, more than ever, take a stand.
This “silent majority” should speak out loud, and voice their opinion.
This “silent majority” who can not be bought, should organize itself.
This “silent majority” should invade both sides of the streets.
This “silent majority” should elect a President.
This “silent majority” should elect a prime minister.
This “silent majority” should elect a house of representatives.
This “silent majority” should amend the electoral law.
This “silent majority” should take all the reigns of power.

This “silent majority”, should no longer be silent.

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