Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Syrian Karma

For over 30 years we have endured what you are JUST beginning to endure.
For over 30 years the world stood silent towards the blatant abuse your regime is now inflicting upon you (after many years of practice).
For over 30 years my country was run to the ground so that the same murderous family could keeps its power and insures its survival.
For over 30 years fear prevailed violently silencing the strongest of opposition voices.
For over 30 years mothers wept (and many are still weeping) awaiting closure on the fate of their long lost sons.
For over 30 years many have waited for this day in silence !
There is (and there should be) a part of every Lebanese rejoicing in the saying :“what goes around comes around”; but somehow this “festive” feeling is dampened by the savagery the Syrian regime is inflicting upon its own people. Such criminal acts (in some twisted feeble minds) could have been justified when done by an “occupying” power against even a “sisterly” state; but harder to digest when such cruelty is inflicted against your own people (not to use the words “your own kind”).
Today (and yesterday) I feel with my (hopefully repenting brothers and sisters) who remained silent to our plight for over 30 years. To those very same Syrian brothers and sisters I call for “Tawhid al massareyn”; in the fight for DIGNITY and freedom.
To my brothers and sisters in Syria I say :
“I forgive your silence over 30 years; better late than never. Keep up the fight and maybe one day (hopefully soon) we can both regain our dignity; DEMARCATE borders and LIVE AND LET LIVE. Keep up the struggle and once you achieve your freedom, no need to apologize for your silence and your past complacency; it’s all in the past!
For the time being, as a Lebanese who witnessed firsthand the power of the Syrian regime’s “boot”, I am rooting for you; don’t let me down. I have no aspirations whatsoever to be “invited” to your country as "KOWAT AL RADE3" and spend 30 years pillaging, murdering, and making you feel that your security and stability depends solely on the whimsy of our local dictatorial (which is not the case) president ELECTED FOR LIFE !


Anonymous said...

Thank you.

Marillionlb said...

@Anon: Welcome

LS said...

finally someone who's not too shy to say the truth as blatant and as politically-incorrect it might be... I don't think anyone should expect a lot, if any sympathy from us towards they Syrian people. In all honesty I can't find it in my heart to "unlink" the 'regime' from the 'people'... the 45.000 Syrian troops and thousands of mukhabarat scumbags weren't green little men from Mars... they came from the heart of the Syrian society and with the full consent of their families and relatives...

Marillionlb said...

@LS, Could you by any chance be the one and only Rabid Smurf?

LS said...

@Marillion, you've got me red-handed my good friend :). I kept following your blog silently for a long time and but had to comment on this one...

Btw, I'm genuinely happy to see that the blogging spark didn't die and you didn't give up like I did... hopefully i'll kick things up on my side of the fence whenever I have enough time.

cheers, KEEP BLOGGING :)

Marillionlb said...

@LS, I too have benn silent lately, disgusted by all that is taking place. Yalla restart your page, the net is becoming too slow and at times boring !

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