Saturday, January 22, 2011

Walid beyk: “Eat my dirty knickers” !

I still recall the evening with Marcel Ghanem (a persona non grata in my humble opinion) where more than a couple of folders where laid on the table by Walid beyk’s side (another persona non grata) in the course of an interview. A promise was made by the so called leader of the Druze community, to one day unseal those folders, and prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the Syrian regime killed his father. Where are those files now, I wonder? Did Walid beyk decide to use them to feed the fire in his chimney in Moukhtara in order to keep warm knowing that the ton of “mazout” is about to reach the 900$ mark and times are tough? Or is it nothing more than a true reflection of the leech he really is?
To those of you who had the misfortune to witness the Lebanese “civil” war”, I would like to remind you of the times when Walid Jr and Chamoun Jr (R.I.P) use to race cars in Hamra st and were clueless with regards of hereditary leadership.
After his father’s assassination, this once rebellious son HAD to take over his father’s legacy and insure the continuous burning of the Arabic flame. Faisal (from the Arslan “rival” clan) was pushed aside thanks to the great efforts of Khawla for he was not a direct fruit of her womb, and Talal was too young (and in many ways, still is). Hence, Walid beyk became the most prominent representative of one the 18 Lebanese sects.
Times came and went, people were displaced, Deir Al Kammar was besieged (his childhood friend’s fiefdom), reconciliation took place, and repentance was never said (especially not today). My fellow Lebanese and Druze I might add; how can you still rally behind such a fickle leader. Granted your other options are not so bright (Wahab and Arslan), but always remember you are Lebanese; and if your memory should fail you in that respect, then don’t label me a fanatic. Walid beyk is claiming to play a game of survival, your (the Druze) survival. But can you actually believe than when the other side reaches its long term goal (Wilayet Al Faqih), you would fit in?
Take lessons my fellow Druze from Lebanon’s history, and know damn well that you are being used, and none of you will live to tell the tail. Just remember the 7th of May.
Walid beyk : “Eat my dirty knickers”, and I am not a Druze; but I am LEBANESE.

N.B: By the way, where is Joseph Sader?


Oussama Hayek said...

His political career is over. He lost all credibility and can't even control his own parliamentary bloc.

Anonymous said...

He seems to be in a supremely sorry state, after having to lick syrian ass by grovelling back to them as masters,he is now so obviously their puppet I don't know how his pride can let him sleep at night.

It's quite sad really, to say on national TV that he had to stand next to Syria(note he said Syria first)and the "moqawammeh" most probably because he is in physical danger from disobeying both, whereas M14 will not kill you if you don't vote with them.


Marillionlb said...

@Oussama, yes Wlid beyk's political career is over, but so is free and independent Lebanon unfortunetly.

@LL, hey you are still alive, why this prolonged silence?
Jumblat is not the only one threatened, but he is the first one to succumb to such threats. M14 is dead, way too many compromises by Saad; even their own public has grown tiered and dissapointed.