Monday, December 21, 2009

The ultimate failure of the “prodigal” son!

This past Saturday, amidst media frenzy; goatee stuttering spineless Saad took his “courage” into his own hands (or shall I say executed a Saudi command) and ventured onto a trip to the land of bloodily love. This lost child (with a new found selective memory, just like every Lebanese he and M14’s represent) chose to forget about Syrian arrest warrants issued against his closets of allies, by those he publicly claimed had a hand in the killing of his father.
So he went alone, not by choice.


No it was not an official visit, for there was no official invitation. So what was it then? A similar visit to the one Walid Jumblat did after the killing of his father (and by whom, one might wonder)? Has it become a part of Lebanese culture to pay respect and homage to our slayer?
Humor me if you will, for I am a part of the “sheeple” that constitute this “great” nation of ours. I have tried (unlike many others) to find a hint of logic or a half cooked excuse for Saad “lonely” walk along the presidential corridor, and the obvious (long lasting) grin on Bashar’s face, before the (what has become) famous kisses on the “killer’s” cheeks. I still came out empty. My little, abused brain by so many empty slogans, cannot still comprehend nor accept such a blatant “you fucked me, thank you sir may I have another”.
Yes many of you (even those who have warrants issued against them) may argue that this visit stems from the fact that our dear stuttering idiot of a prime minister is acting as a representative of the people (my foot, for h forgot why the people voted for him), and has grown beyond personal feelings and vendetta. But a few of you harbor this bitter feeling that he (and his allies) were unworthy of our votes in the past elections; for he has capitulated.
A devil’s (Saad that is) advocate might argue that in view of:
French policy of “rapprochement”(with Syria that is), headed by some “arriviste” gigolo who would have been better off pleasuring his sexually edible wife (which I guess he is doing).
A first “African American” president with arms extended, having inherited failed foreign policies from his “new born Christian” predecessor with a “Divine” (failed) mission.
A local Mullah armed to the teeth threatening to wage a holly Jihad against fellow Muslims “first” in order to establish his long “pipe” dream of Wilayet al Faqih.
An orange demented “Iznogood” to whom he made the most concessions.
A major player in the region who still stands defiant; and is still building its nuclear capabilities, and sponsoring local foes.

Stuttering Saad went to Syria, embraced Bashar, kissed him on the cheek, and had the reception of kings.
For me, that is a problem. That is a true description of why we need “new blood”; but what pisses me off the most is when someone like our dear ex President (monsieur 20%) Amine Gemayel has the audacity to say, and I quote “I was amongst the fist supporters of Hariri’s visit to Syria”, but WAIT FOR IT…………..”the wounds run deep”.
Wlek ألله يرهح أمواتنا for you have sold them short


Delirious said...

Disgusting, to say the least.

ps: my word verification captcha is "mencham" - how ironic!

Ekios said...

Je me contente de hausser les épaules par dépis.

Du sang neuf ? Bien sur qu'il vous en faut. Mais s'il ose monter le bout de son nez, le sang neuf, il deviendra du sang tout court.

Tout est féodalisé, tout est régis par "les fils de".

Quoi, qu'est ce qui y'a ? Petit Hariri est venu rendre hommage au mec qui a flingué son père ? Mais non, il vient juste lui demander de ne pas lui faire la même chose et de s'enquérir de ce que ça lui coutera pour [survivre].

Les solutions théoriques pour le Liban sont là et sont relativement simples.

En pratique aucune n'est applicable sans bain de sang. Du moins à vu de (mon petit) nez.

Marillionlb said...

Anything is better than this humiliation !!!
Tfeh !

Ekios said...

Oh rassures toi, tu vas en avoir du anything, et se sera bien plus humiliant.

Non parceque si la Syrie revient en force, le hezzb qui c'était fait sa place sera pas content.

Joy, AK47 & BoumKadaboum ...

Marillionlb said...

Syria never left for it to come back. Those idiots in M14 thought so and this is why they got fucked up the arse.

Ekios said...

Well, you have your choices my friend, Hezzb, or Syriana.


(msn damnit !)

Marillionlb said...

Screw them both, I will go back to England never to return this time !

angie nader said...

i've thought of saad as a very strong man....until now
OMG! how could he go there...i dont know if i lost respect for him , or what
like so much of Lebanese politcs...something not right here.

Ekios said...

Well Angie, two options, two really "logical" options.

1- Little Hariri don't wanna die like daddy, and get there to beg for his own survival ... "please don't kill me like daddy"


2- In fact, Little Hariri, like thousands of thousands before him, was just waiting for daddy to die to get his place ... izznogoud style.

It's just supposition, I truly have no clue about which one of these options could be right (if one of them is), but they are true classics.

gregoire said...

This really deserves a great

tttttt fffff eeeee h h !!!
t f e h h !!!
t fff eee hhhhh !!!
t f e h h
t f eeeee h h !!!

it makes me laugh (better laugh than cry!) to see this son of a b... behave like this. How funny and ironic!
After all, this is a great slap in the face of all those who still believe in lebanese politicians slogans. Wake up guys!!!

Marillionlb said...

@Gregoire, My mouth is completely dry from the amount of spitting I have indulged myself in in the past few days.

@Angie, Saad still has a long way to go before I can even start to consider hima "novice" politician.

priscilla said...

ton texte, il est beau comme du stephen king.

Marillionlb said...

I like Stephen King's better, mainly because it is fictional, while this is nothing but the sad state of events.