Thursday, October 01, 2009

Hands off MY country !

Source Now Lebanon :

Lebanese Muslim scholars: Samba troupe should be banned from performing in Tyre
"This is a pornographic dance group that goes against our ethics," Sheikh Ali Yassine, one of 50 religious leaders who are calling for the cancellation, told AFP.

"We fear that once they start dancing nude in the streets, there will be trouble," Yassine added. "Our society will not accept such a parade.”
"The city of Tyre is a city of resistance and its history is that of a conservative Muslim city."

The Brazilian troupe has been performing throughout Lebanon since September 23 as part of a festival and planned a final performance in Tyre on Thursday evening.

Roberto Medeiros, ministerial adviser and cultural attaché at the Brazilian Embassy in Beirut, told AFP that measures had been taken to respect the sensitivities of the mainly Muslim population in Tyre, including having the dancers cover their bodies rather than perform in skimpy clothes.

"We met with the local authorities and informed them that the dancers would dress respectfully with all their bodies covered," Medeiros said.
Yassin, however, said he had been shown photographs of the costumes and still deemed them inappropriate."

Please, please, and pretty please; spare me the hypocrisy. Gad Elmaleh is an Israeli foot soldier, Frank Sinatra donated money to the Jewish lobby, Leonard Cohen is banned…etc; and still you claim to be for “al ta3ayoch al watani”, and the respect of your fellow citizen . MY country is trying to reclaim it’s place as a cradle of culture and diversity, and here you are once again showing to the world how deep we have regressed into the dark ages. Regressed, not out of belief or conviction; but by the force of arms. The arms you ONLY hold as a Damocles’ sword above every true Lebanese throat. Your way is the only way, and your culture (according to you) is the true culture, and the only salvation for our ailing society. “Repent” you shout out loud. Repent against the greater evil that is the West; for Sodom and Gomorrah are on your own doorsteps. Nevertheless when a local or a foreign visitor, on his trip to Baalbeck attending any festival (many of whom you approve of) is faced with huge pictures of Moughnieh, it is OK. It is OK, for you have decided that we are a nation of “moukawimeen”. Ya Sheikh Ali Yassine you claim that the people of Tyre will be outraged by the troop’s dancers parading in the streets in their (what you regard as) skimpy outfits, and that it will cause outrage and mayhem. For Tyre is a conservative Muslim city. Well let me remind you ya Sheikh Ali Yassine, that as I far as know Lebanon (the entire 10452 Km2) has not yet been declared a Muslim country. And that all regions fall under the same category. When you can allow Moughnieh’s portraits to be plastered on the doors of historical sites; I have the same rights to parade what is known to be an old recognized folkloric dance. Moreover Lebanon (as far as I am concerned) is not yet an Islamic country, nor is Tyre a purely Islamic city. So please spare me the rhetoric. Your words will not demean the respect I have for the Shia who see through your ill founded hatred; we are Lebanese first and foremost regardless of religion. So you can take your Moughnieh, Kuntar, …etc and shove them up your constipated arse; maybe in a few years (or even much less) you would shit a diamond.

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Ekios said...

When I started reading the text I got mad, as usual in fact when it comes about these Lebanese nonsenses and regression...

And then I read the last sentence ... : maybe in a few years (or even much less) you would shit a diamond.

I just laugh my ass off ;)

You are really, the best ;)

PS : RIP Lebanon, If you accept that, then you are done.