Thursday, July 02, 2009

Black or White

No this is not a tribute to Michael Jackson. As an artist, I bow to his talent, but as a decent human being I still have many doubts. This is a call to end the stalemate that has cursed our country since its institution in 1943. BLACK OR WHITE is a choice between freedom, liberty, territorial integrity, honor, freedom of choice, advancement, prosperity; and the dark ages. I do not give a flying fuck about Gad El Maleh’s comedy prowess, but I refuse the Hizb’s influence which led to his tour cancellation. BLACK OR WHITE is the choice we are faced with today; no shades of gray. The only salvation (if ever) I see, is for one color to completely win over the other; even if this means WAR . Sad to say that I am convinced that BLACK has already won. R.I.P Lebanon.
Wlek TFEH!

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Anonymous said...

I'm always drawn to the reference "flying fuck" like a bee to a flower, a fly to a pile of shit, a fly to those purple neon zappers, and a moth to light :).
If they want war, will give them hell. We must soldier on.