Tuesday, June 02, 2009

To vote or not to vote

A “pivotal moment” seems to be the label put by all upon the upcoming elections. Every single Tom, Dick & Harry is trying his hardest to sway electoral votes his way with half baked promises and distorted images of their respective gruesome past. Mentions of a “powerful”, “independent”, “free of any foreign influence”, “corruption free”, “debt free”, “prosperous” …etc ; are being flogged by the dozen on local TV stations.
“Vote for me” they all say “for I am your ONLY salvation”.
The streets are cluttered with cars branding different colored flags on their way to political rallies, which span all over the 10452Km2 we once called home. And for the few of us who still actually work, once we get home, we are faced with local TV stations reminding us once again, that THEY ARE THE RIGHT CHOICE.
Before going any further in my ramblings tonight, let me reiterate that I do not adhere to any political party, I am Lebanese (and this is the cross I bear). I have spent numerous hours lately watching (so called) political debates and reading articles pertaining to the upcoming elections with a very critical eye, in the hope of finding a “divine” (and no I am not referring to Hassouna) sign which will point me towards voting for the “lesser of two evil” (yes this is what the upcoming elections come down to). Suddenly, EUREKA! A name came to my mind, that of Joseph Sader. His story (disappearance) is only 4 months old, but not many care to remember. Our dear (soon to be RE-ELECTED) warlords recall and use all the missing citizens in the past 30 years, but none mentions Joseph.
In February 2009 an MEA employee was kidnapped on his way home and hasn’t been heard of ever since. Kidnapped in an area that is indisputably known to be controlled by this crazed, turban wearing, Iranian allegiance pledging, divine local protector of all downtrodden Arabs in the universe (and beyond).


Within 24 hours of his disappearance, rumors came out that he was passing information to the enemy (No not Syria, but our ONLY enemy Israel); then another story that he was handed over to the Lebanese army (which later was denied).
Recently the Lebanese authorities have successfully dismantled a couple of Israeli spy networks, but as far as we the people are concerned, the name of Joseph did not figure in any of the affidavits given by those arrested. So where is Joseph?
I could put past me (but no I can’t) 7harb al ta7hrir, 7harb al ilgha, Holiday Inn, Terry Wait, Morabitoun, Fath, Ahmad Jibril, Sabra & Chatila, Damour…etc; I thought we had moved forward. But calling the 7th of May a glorious day; still rings in my ear. The ONE major artery is controlled by a crazed lunatic, and Joseph faith is known only to him. My decision has been made,on Sunday, I will vote (in the south)AGAINST HIM and those who associated with him (M.O.U).


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Blacksmith Nick said...

Well put Marillionlb.
Each vote against them is more powerful than any weapon.
Best of luck for Sunday, it will be intense.

Marillionlb said...

@B.N, Intense indeed, plenty of orange supporters in my little village, but we are pulling our ranks together and hope that we will be able to make a change. We will see on the 8th.

Anonymous said...

I am a Christian and I live in Beirut.I have heard that Hezbollah may win the elections on June 7th 2009.I am worried about this as the news says that if this happens Hezbollah may impose Isamic laws like Iran has.Is the Media right or are they just trying to worry us.I am voting for March 14th Christion block.Hala,Beirut,Lebanon.

Marillionlb said...

The polls are in favor of a march8 win, but nothing is set yet. Go and cast your vote on the 7th and vote for your vision of Lebanon. Even if the Hizb and his allies win the upcoming elections, they cannot impose Islamic law. This is not what you should fear. The future of a free independent and sovereign Lebanon is in the balance. Lebanistan will not see the day as long as there are free thinking people. Your vote will make a difference, so don't be stingy and vote your conscience.
Vote for a country which is free of outside influences and agendas, vote for a strong army which has the sole and exclusive right to carry arms and defend the land, vote for a strong government without the "al tilt al mou3atel", vote for true democracy.